The DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936, crafted by Peter Wiegel, is a typeface steeped in historical significance and functional aesthetics. A revival of the classic industrial typeface initially devised for the German standards body—the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN)—in 1936, this font captures the spirit of precision and clarity that characterized German engineering and design during that era.
Peter Wiegel's interpretation of DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift (which translates to "bold wide-face") is faithful to the original's utilitarian roots while adapting it for contemporary use. This font, with its distinctive wide and bold letterforms, embodies the functionalism that was pivotal in its conceptualization. It was designed to be highly legible, with clear, straightforward lines, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The uniform thickness of the strokes and the careful balance between the width and height of the letters ensure optimal readability even from a distance, a feature that made it an ideal choice for signage, technical documentation, and industrial labeling back in its time.
Today, the DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936 by Peter Wiegel sees its applications broadened beyond its utilitarian origins. It carries with it a modernist elegance that has allowed it to transition smoothly into graphic design, branding, and digital media. Designers value it for its clean geometry and the authoritative yet unassuming character it lends to text. The revival of such a historically significant typeface not only preserves a piece of design history but also provides contemporary designers with a tool that embodies both timeless utility and stylistic durability.
Peter Wiegel's effort to bring the DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936 to the modern audience underscores the ongoing relevance of classic design principles in today’s digital and print landscapes. By meticulously recrafting this typeface, Wiegel has ensured it remains a vital part of the design community's toolkit, blending seamlessly the heritage of German design with the requirements of present-day projects.
Character map
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DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936

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216 glyphs, 76 kerning pairs
DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936. DIN1451fetteBreitschrift1936-Regular
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