Fibel Nord, designed by Peter Wiegel, is a distinctive font that stands out for its clear and elegant design. This typeface borrows its inspiration from the traditional school fonts used in educational textbooks, particularly those found in Northern Europe. It's meticulously crafted to facilitate easy reading and comprehension, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from educational materials to children's literature.
The character design of Fibel Nord is characterized by its simplicity and legibility. Its letters boast a generous spacing that ensures clarity at first glance, an essential feature for fonts used in teaching and learning environments. Additionally, the typeface maintains a friendly and approachable aesthetic, achieved through its rounded edges and consistent stroke weight, which adds a warm and inviting touch.
Peter Wiegel's approach in creating Fibel Nord was focused on combining functionality with a timeless design. This typeface offers a modern take on the traditional schoolbook fonts, incorporating elements that make it suitable for digital screens and print media alike. It's not just constrained to educational purposes; its versatile and unassuming style makes it a solid choice for a variety of design projects, including book publishing, user interfaces, and branding materials.
Moreover, Fibel Nord stands as a testament to Wiegel's dedication to accessible design. It aligns with the principles of inclusivity, aiming to reach a broad audience by supporting multiple languages and special characters. This inclusivity extends the font's applicability beyond its primary educational focus, making it a universal tool for communication in our diverse global landscape.
In conclusion, Fibel Nord by Peter Wiegel is more than just a font. It's a carefully crafted tool designed to enhance readability and convey information in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. Whether used in educational settings, digital media, or printed materials, Fibel Nord brings a touch of clarity, warmth, and universality, making it a worthy addition to the toolkit of designers and educators alike.
Character map
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Fibel Nord

Unknown license
213 glyphs, 45 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 1970 by Peter Wioegel. All rights reserved.. PeterWioegel: Fibel Nord: 2009. Fibel Nord. Version 000.000. FibelNord. Fibel Nord is a trademark of Peter Wioegel.. Peter Wioegel. Peter Wiegel. Freeware under GPJ (with Font Exception) and SIL OFL
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