Eau by YOFonts is an artistically refined font that captures the essence of elegance and fluidity, suggesting a beautiful amalgamation of classic and modern design elements. The name 'Eau,' French for water, fittingly reflects the font's smooth, flowing character lines and organic forms, reminiscent of the effortless movement of water. This unique quality makes Eau an ideal choice for design projects that aim to convey a sense of sophistication, fluidity, or natural elegance.
The letterforms in the Eau font display a careful balance between geometric precision and naturalistic style, creating a harmonious visual rhythm across texts. Each character is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that the typeface maintains its distinctive aesthetic without compromising readability. This makes Eau versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications from branding and advertising to editorial design and digital interfaces.
Eau's design includes a variety of weights and styles, offering designers the flexibility to use the font in different contexts and mediums. The lighter weights exude a delicate, airy quality, ideal for elegant, high-end brand identity systems or invitations. In contrast, the heavier weights provide a strong, grounded presence, suitable for impactful headlines or assertive call-to-actions in digital spaces. With its balanced mix of classic charm and contemporary flair, Eau by YOFonts stands out as a beautifully crafted font that can elevate any design project with its unique character and aesthetic versatility.
Character map
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very good alternative to the ever popular HFJ Gotham :)


Copyright (c) 1992 YOFonts. All rights reserved. Version 1.10. Designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro, 1992.. YOFonts: Eau Sans Book: 1992. Eau Sans Book. Version 001.100. Eau-SansBook. Eau Sans Book is a trademark of YOFonts.. YOFonts. Yamaoka Yasuhiro. www.yoworks.com
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