Ah, Cube by 2 The Left Typefaces. Imagine if a group of minimalist architects, a Tetris champion, and a playful kitten collaborated to design a font. Cube would be their masterpiece—a unique blend of structure, fun, and versatility that seems to transcend the confines of traditional typography.
Cube is not just a font; it's a celebration of straight lines and right angles mingling in a dance that is both orderly and unexpectedly dynamic. Each character in this font family looks as though it was meticulously crafted from an assortment of 3D blocks, yet somehow, they also manage to maintain a surprising degree of readability. It's as if the letters are eager to jump off the page and build themselves into messages and words right before your eyes.
With a foundation that feels both futuristic and retro, Cube is a paradox that refuses to be pigeonholed. It could just as easily find a home in the credits of a sci-fi film as it could on the packaging of a high-end tech product or within the digital pages of an avant-garde magazine. The personalities of Cube’s characters are robust and unapologetic, each one asserting its presence like a charismatic dinner guest who can effortlessly command the attention of the entire table.
2 The Left Typefaces managed to infuse a sense of playfulness into a structure that, by all logical assessments, should be anything but fun. It’s as if they’ve discovered a secret passage between the worlds of geometry and whimsy, allowing Cube to straddle these universes with surprising grace. Imagine using Cube in your next project; it’s not merely choosing a font. It’s inviting your audience into a space where playfulness and precision coexist, where messages are not just read but experienced—a truly three-dimensional adventure in typography.
Character map
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63 glyphs
2 the left -typefaces. FONTLAB30:TTEXPORT. Cube. 001.000
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