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Okay, nothing personal here, actually - it is personal, because I don't know many colleagues - type designers. I love Oksana, but I really see a great room for improvement in spacing/kerning. Maybe the default spacing is too tight, plus you need to work on kerning issues as well (well, if you in a pursuit of perfection. Kerning takes long time and it's a pain in the ass)

The pic shows the current spacing/kerning at the top and my view of spacing on the bottom.

Thanks for your time.

Yes! (embarrassed) I kerned this font without EVER testing it. YIKES! I don't even want to know how that turned out. Please show me no more!

This font should be using without kerning only.

**added** yes your view is better. LT Oksana is awesome and deserving a spacing kerning/redo... someday!

Heh :) Calm down - I know exactly how you feel. kerning and spacing are the 2 things that will probably make you lose interest in developing the typeface further. I know the feeling: Oh, I'm done with all the glyphs and ligatures, even the nasty what? Oh, crap - KERNING!!! I'd better do something else :)

I think you will need to find a mix between the two. To me the orma and eopl in the top one looks fine and the No, al, Pe and le in the bottom one.

Yes a tedious job. But with a font like this why don,t you start with the kearning pairs of, for example, the Avant Garde? I figure then most of the work is already done ...

The same is probably true for Champagne & Limousines.

I think this font might prove difficult to adequatly kern. I think some of the S pairs are horrendous. The large P looks odd with some pairs and lack their of, their are many areas to be improved upon.

I think I did a better job kerning Champagne, though it's letter spacing might also be a little tight ( have a tendancy to do that) I don't have Avant Garde myself, but I suppose Century Gothic might be another font that might work well.

Kkat, while it's possible to save all the kerning pairs of AvantGarde or Century Gothic and automatically apply them to any other font, it's not advisable. I'm almost sure that her fonts aren't the exact size of the mentioned above or their spacing is different. Of course, using Avantgarde kerning as a starting point and referral is good, it's jut not possible to automatically apply it. :D

Yes, they would be a good starting point! Oksana, is horribly kerned but it is not as similar to those fonts as champagne... i would suggest turning the kerning feature off when using it if possible... it looks better I think with the default spacing, but it does have areas that *need* to be kerned. Sigh. I realy should, but it's not on the top of my to do list. Maybe it should be, since it is one of my better works. Meh.

Ivan, late, late, late, yes I know, but had thingies to do -can happen - but didn't I mumble about a starting point? Once you know which type of pairs need changing it is simply apply the same to all ...

Apply mathematics ... and a lot of time is saved and the only thing left is some detailed fine tuning. Job done in about a third of the time - still a lot of time, true ...

Okay, kkat...but for me, I'm terrible with maths, so when I do kerning I only rely on my feelings and my eyes. That's all.


Nice, maybe a little finetuning on the sa?

I hate kerning and it hates me too.

LT Oksana

Personal use only
393 glyphs, 1982 kerning pairs
LT Oksana © Lauren Thompson 2009, 2010, 2011. All rights reserved. LT Oksana:Version 5.00. LT Oksana. Version 5.00 March 19, 2010. LTOksana. Lauren Thompson. Original geometric design by Lauren Thompson, first created in 2008. The "deco" midlines and unconventional dotted letter positions as well as the almost vertical slant of the 's' give this font what has been described as a "retro" theme and add to the uniqueness of the typeface. Version 4.00 updated kerning, letter spacing, some characters underwent minor changes to their design.. Free for personal use. Commercial use requires donation. Donations can be made via Email for more details. All users must read the "license.txt" file that should have accompanied this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email to receive one.. Regular
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