The LT Sweet Nothings font, crafted by the font designer known stylistically as Nymphont, embodies the whimsical and charming aura of handwritten notes and personal touches. This typeface stands out for its unique blend of casual elegance and playful flirtatiousness, which seems to capture a very personal expression in digital form. Its distinctive character leans towards a light, airy feel, reminiscent of warm, lazy afternoons spent jotting down thoughts in a cherished diary or crafting thoughtful, heartfelt letters to a confidant.
With its soft, flowing curves and subtle variations in stroke width, LT Sweet Nothings beautifully mimics the nuances of human handwriting, bringing an authentic, handmade quality to digital communications. This font manages to strike a balance between readability and stylistic flair, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal blogs and invitations to branding projects that aim to evoke intimacy and tenderness.
The creative craftsmanship behind LT Sweet Nothings by Nymphont showcases the designer's ability to infuse typefaces with emotion and personality. It encourages a closer, more personal form of communication, offering designers and writers a tool to make their digital expressions feel more personal and engaging. Whether used in the heading of a special announcement or the body of a personal message, this font adds a gentle, loving touch to words, making them not just read, but felt.
Character map
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LT Sweet Nothings, a dingbat

LT Sweet Nothings

Personal use only
50 glyphs
© Lauren Thompson "Nymphont" 2009 ( All rights reserved. LT Sweet Nothings:Version 1.00. LT Sweet Nothings. Version 1.00 April 30, 2009, initial release. LTSweetNothings. Lauren Thompson aka Nymphont ( Dings designed by Nymphont from Nymphont's own (Lauren Thompson's) artwork and drawings. Inspiration for a few "vintage" looking dings, such as the fist with iron knuckles and the good luck ring, coming from a Johnson Smith & Co advertisement in the January 1933 issue of, "Everyday Science and Mechanics." The ad is a true gem, with many more unusual woodcut drawings of the period. I was so taken by them I was certain others might be as well; hence, I recreated them here in this dingbat font. Depicted in the character mapped as the latin lowercase letter 'x' (proper punctiation dictates that a single letter be underlined, not placed in single quotes as I have done. I ask that you forgive me for this error as I am unable to underline text in this description. Also, please forgive this lengthy note, I don't think breaks a grammatical rule but it is possibly in bad form) are Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair as they appear on a poster for the movie they starred in which was entitled, "Swing Time." The film, also a gewm, I am glad to have caught one afternoon on American Movie Classics, a cable network. Oh, and the bunny is similar to the logo of a popular gentlemen's magazine, thought some people might want to use it to make graphics for their sites and what not.. Free for personal use. Make a paypal donation and send an email to to use commercially. Please read the readme.txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email to receive one..
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