Ah, LT Chickenhawk! Such a name evokes images of brave, intrepid fowls, doesn't it? Crafted by the creative minds at Nymphont, this font strides into your design projects with the confidence of a chicken-cum-hawk hybrid that knows it's got something special. And special it is! Picture this: letters that have perfected the art of strutting around your page, pecking at conventional design norms with a playful flair that's hard to ignore.
The essence of LT Chickenhawk is akin to a whimsical dance between elegance and rebelliousness. Each letterform is crafted with a hint of whimsy, suggesting that they were penned by a feather dipped in ink—a feather, mind you, that might have once belonged to a chicken with the heart of a hawk. The font teeters on the edge of standard script and rebellious scribble, making it a standout choice for those looking to inject a dose of personality into their creations.
Imagine using LT Chickenhawk on an event invitation. Instead of guests receiving a bland, forgettable card, they're greeted by letters that practically flap off the page, promising an affair filled with unexpected delights. It’s perfect for projects that don't take themselves too seriously, yet demand a touch of flair and originality. Whether you're branding a boutique with a penchant for the avant-garde or penning a love letter to someone with an appreciation for the quirky side of life, LT Chickenhawk adds a layer of intrigue and playfulness that's hard to beat.
In conclusion, LT Chickenhawk by Nymphont isn't just a font. It's a declaration of creativity, a rebellion against the mundane, and a giggling nod to the whimsical. It's for those who appreciate a touch of eccentricity in their design while still aiming for that elusive balance between readability and artistry. With LT Chickenhawk, you're not just crafting words; you're weaving a tapestry of humor, audacity, and a distinctive style that refuses to be caged. So, spread those wings and let your creativity soar on the winds of LT Chickenhawk!
Character map
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Portishead, "Sour Times"

Nymphont, "LT Chickenhawk"

LT Chickenhawk

Personal use only
191 glyphs, 189 kerning pairs
© Lauren Thompson (Nymphont) 2009. All rights reserved. http://www.nymphont.com/. LT Chickenhawk:Version 2.5. LT Chickenhawk. Version 2.5 May 22, 2009, initial release. LTChickenhawk. Lauren Thompson, "Nymphont". Original typeface design hand-drawn and then also made into font form by Lauren Thompson. A fun slab-serif rendition with cutesy hearts to boot. I have a fondness for slab-serifs, creating this font is just an expression of that fondness. Version 2.0 of LT Chickenhawk, additional characters such as punctuation and numerals were added that were not present in the font's initial release. Other updates and changes were to letter spacing and kerning. Also, some characters were completely re-designed; specifically the comma and semicolon, and the single and double quotation marks. Version 2.5 has additional kerning adjustments, additional accent characters were added, some mathematical operators, and German soft s. Cheerio!. Free for personal use. Make a paypal donation and send an email to nymphont@yahoo.com to use commercially. To make a paypal donation, visit my donation page at http://novelhunter.com.googlepages.com/nymphont.html All users must read the "readme.txt" file that should have accompanied this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email nymphont@yahoo.com to receive one.. nobody loves me, it’s true. not like you do…
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