Portishead, "Sour Times"

Nymphont, "LT Chickenhawk"

Character Map
Character Map
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LT Chickenhawk

Personal use only
191 glyphs, 189 kerning pairs

cartoon handwriting hearts outline slab-serif
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© Lauren Thompson (Nymphont) 2009. All rights reserved. LT Chickenhawk:Version 2.5. LT Chickenhawk. Version 2.5 May 22, 2009, initial release. LTChickenhawk. Lauren Thompson, "Nymphont". Original typeface design hand-drawn and then also made into font form by Lauren Thompson. A fun slab-serif rendition with cutesy hearts to boot. I have a fondness for slab-serifs, creating this font is just an expression of that fondness. Version 2.0 of LT Chickenhawk, additional characters such as punctuation and numerals were added that were not present in the font's initial release. Other updates and changes were to letter spacing and kerning. Also, some characters were completely re-designed; specifically the comma and semicolon, and the single and double quotation marks. Version 2.5 has additional kerning adjustments, additional accent characters were added, some mathematical operators, and German soft s. Cheerio!. Free for personal use. Make a paypal donation and send an email to to use commercially. To make a paypal donation, visit my donation page at All users must read the "readme.txt" file that should have accompanied this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email to receive one.. nobody loves me, it’s true. not like you do…

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