You Are Loved is a testament to the whimsical and heartwarming talents of Kimberly Geswein, a typeface designer known for her unique and expressive fonts. This font stands as a beautiful representation of love, warmth, and personal touch, delivered through the craft of digital typography. With its gentle curves and soft edges, You Are Loved feels like a handwritten letter from a dear friend, filled with care and affection.
The character set of You Are Loved is designed with a balance of playfulness and legibility, making it both a joy to behold and easy to read. Each letter appears to have been thoughtfully crafted, with variations in stroke weight that suggest the natural variation of a pen on paper. This makes the font versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications from heartfelt invitations to poignant personal blogs, where the human touch needs to be felt through digital means.
What sets You Are Loved apart is not just its aesthetic appeal but also the emotion it evokes. Kimberly Geswein has imbued this font with a sense of sincerity and genuineness that is palpable. It reminds one of the simple joys of receiving a hand-written note, the warmth of a tight hug, or the comfort of being told "you are loved." In a digital age where so much communication feels transient and impersonal, You Are Loved offers a refreshing and heartfelt alternative, making it a favorite among designers looking to instill their projects with a sense of intimacy and warmth.
Character map
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For those of you looking for an improved version with accents etc: Kimberly Geswein has allowed me to rework her fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.

So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:

(Kimberly Geswein receives royalties from all sales)

I knew that one day you would admit it ...

You Are Loved

Personal use only
122 glyphs
Typeface © Kimberly Geswein. 2007 All Rights Reserved. You Are Loved:Version 1.00. You Are Loved. Version 1.00 February 25, 2007, initial release. YouAreLoved. Kimberly Geswein. This font was created using FontCreator 5.5 from
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