The Pee Pants Script, designed by Kirk Shelton, carries a whimsical and playful essence that sets it apart in the world of typography. This font teeters on the edge of casual and comedic, making it an exceptional choice for designers aiming to infuse their projects with a sense of fun and lightheartedness. What makes Pee Pants Script so unique is its ability to capture the spontaneity and irregularity of handwriting, while still maintaining a cohesive and readable structure. It's as if each letter captures a moment of joy and translates it directly onto the page, inviting the viewer into a world where fun and creativity reign supreme.
The design of Pee Pants Script showcases a dynamic range of strokes, from thin, delicate lines to bolder, more pronounced characters. This variability not only adds a lively rhythm to the text but also echoes the natural variations found in handwritten script. Furthermore, Kirk Shelton has masterfully incorporated playful loops and flourishes in certain letters, teasing the eyes and encouraging a more animated reading experience. These artistic touches reinforce the font's casual vibe, making it perfectly suited for invitations, greeting cards, or any project that benefits from a personal, handcrafted feel.
What is particularly compelling about Pee Pants Script is its balance between legibility and stylized expression. Despite its whimsical nature, the font does not compromise on readability. Each character stands out clearly, ensuring that messages are not lost amid the font's playful aesthetics. This careful balance is a testament to Shelton's skill and thoughtfulness as a designer, showcasing his ability to meld creative expression with practical application. With Pee Pants Script, Shelton invites us to not take life too seriously and to remember the joy that creativity can bring. Whether used in digital design, print, or beyond, Pee Pants Script is a reminder that design can be an avenue for delight and playful exploration.
Character map
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I created this font. I put it on and abstract just took it and is distributing it without, at the very least, even crediting me.

Or even giving it a proper preview. you cant use the space bar before a capital letter you morons.

Kirk Shelton

It was uploaded by one of our users. The preview is auto-generated but adjustable. No need to call anyone names.

If you would have filed out the font file fields appropriately your name would have showed up in the details instead of the font creator's default "initial release Typeface © (your company)"

Is your homepage really Have you created any other fonts? I will add "Kirk Shelton" as another designer.

Again, glad that you took time to post, but please don't be rude before you get to the bottom of the issue.

the copyright in the font should have my name listed. no isnt my homepage, but its where people should be downloading my fonts. Not here.

That info is extracted by Abstract Fonts from the true type font itself. That means you have not set those fields while designing your font. I would recommend going back and updating the file to include your name so something like this doesn't happen on a site that is not as responsive and responsible as Abstract Fonts. If you do, i can give you my email address so you can email me the latest version.


the version currently on dafont shows my name. I just tested it.

if the font was downloaded from dafont and uploaded to Abstract Fonts, the versions are identical.

It shows your name because you uploaded it, not because that information is embedded in the font file itself. I can add a designer with your name and assign that font to be under your name but that doesnt mean that the font itself contains your name. Which it should so you can be identified as the author no matter where the font is downloaded from.

I also checked windows font viewer and shows the same embedded info as Abstract Fonts does.

You have to update the font data in the Font Creator.

can you just take it off here.

I see you clearly don't understand the significance of the problem with your font.

Taking it off of here is not going to solve it.

It will popup all over the internet without your name attached to it because you are unwilling to update it.

Abstract Fonts is only one website out of many and losing 1 font out of more than 12,000 is not a big deal.

I am trying to help you.

it is updated.. i just downloaded it to test it and in the font viewer it says my name.

i checked both macintosh and windows encodings embedded within the file and here is the screenshot of my standard windows font viewer, where it shows YourCompany instead of "Kirk Shelton"

I dont know what to tell you. the one I just DL'd from dafont says my name.

update your site.

the screenshot that i posted is from the font that i downloaded from dafont, not abstract fonts, just to make sure we are looking at the same file.

so you are saying you did in fact set copyright and version fields using Font Creator to include your name? All signs point to "no"

i just resubmitted it to dafont, even tho it was right already.

and yes, I did to the copyright fields etc. bla bla bla.

can you update?

i tried once again but it contains the same true type font that was last modified on February 2, 2009, same one that is on Abstract Fonts.

Doesn't it take time to be approved on dafont? Doesn't it normally say "font was updated on such and such date"? Your only says that it was submitted on 02-11-2009.

Unless you uploaded a different file and dafont hasnt approved it yet i have no idea how you can be seeing your name when you preview the font (not on dafont, on your computer). Did you fill all the fields out using Font Creator or while submitting to dafont?

I will send this conversation to a respected font expert that frequents this site and ask to take a look at this font since i have no clue where to go from here.

correct the human error, like you suggested for Lauren's.

I cannot correct your error. You have to do it. As you can see in Lauren's font the embedded info states:

Version 1.00 January 30, 2009, initial release © Lauren Thompson (Nymphont) 2008. All rights reserved. Based on Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library books. This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from

compare it to yours:

Version 1.00 January 29, 2009, initial release Typeface © (your company). 2009. All Rights Reserved This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from

I JUST dl'd this from here. what's the problem?

Hmm... Ok, this is weird. I will wait for others to check it out and let me know as it doesn't seem to be working on Abstract Fonts or my Windows XP.

Meanwhile i will add you as a designer and assign this font to you.

We'll get to the bottom of this eventually.

Just d/l it from here on MacOSX 10.4. The infofile says: Copyright (your company). The same with the one from Dafont.

Kirk: I'd say you haven't updated it with the proper corrections. At Dafont your name is shown as there is no automated system, but Administrator Rodolphe who puts in the right parameters by hand. And as the readme files are included in the d/l here, there is not much wrong with it. There is nothing written that this should be an exclusive to dafont. So, update your font and everyone will be happy.

Oh yes, tiny hint: You should include something like a EULA within the Readme, to make clear what is allowed with your font and what not.

I'm waiting for the update to be approved.. also, I dont know where else to put my copyright info. it's showing up for me when i DL it here and Da.


Alex and Rondone, from my point of view, you're being so and too much gentle with someone being only rude to you and the AF community.

I truly appreciate that, believe me. Just asking myself if it's worth the cost.

Feel free to delete my comment, if inappropriate.


@kirk:also, I dont know where else to put my copyright info.

Oh no! *shakeshead* Here the tutorial the Fontographer-way: Open Element/Font Info. Write in your appropriate data. Save. Export the new file. Done.

Voilá! The right info shows up in the general info.

Now it’s up to you, Kirk, to update your original file, add a new Readme and everything is okeydokey.

Also see this:

Aaargh haven’t seen this. Gosh, no more complaining, Kirk. There is homework to do.

Maybe this explains the confusion?

hahaha, what is THAT? Wasn't it in the ad-zone yesterday? Haven’t realized it. Pfffmmmhahahaha.

ok, looks like originally, i uploaded it before i even knew about the naming menu.. I've since updated all the fonts i've created.

Waiting for dafont to approve. still not sure if I like the idea of people reposting my font, regardless of what "free for personal use" means. If this is a common practice, how do i prevent it moving on.

sorry for my behavior, I have gotten several emails from other font sites asking for my permission so I was just shocked to see another site distributing my font without my approval. And then to not even credit me. I was a little peeved.

Kirk, you can’t stop the spreading. It is the dark side of digital life You can prevent the reposting by adding a proper EULA, but only the morally clean sites will respect it. There are hundreds and thousands of wild and dubious sites which give a sh*t on it. Hope we all can be friends again, now.

Yay! Group Hug!

like i mentioned in the other thread. i just discovered another place in Font Creator for putting a copyright and other info.. it was blank even tho i put it in the other place already.

I appologize for the extensive use of caps in the following sentences, but Kirk just drove me almost crazy. WILL YOU, ALEX - PLEASE REMOVE THAT TYPEFACE OF HIS FROM HERE - I'M SORRY THAT I'VE UPLOADED IT HERE. WE DON'T NEED SUCH PEOPLE ON OUR SITE....Five days complaining that HIS NAME is not on our site (which is 100% his own fault), and when people are kind enough to help him in his ignorance and put that precious name of his in the copyright info, he says that he doesn't want it here. So, please - remove it from here, and close that thread.


I do not have any role or responsability here, but an infinite pleasure to deal with each of you. And I would really like it to remain the same. So I stick with Ivan. Definitely.

I already apologised for being rude. I was pissed and caught off guard with finding my font somewhere other than where i posted it.

Somewhere in this mess I learned that i need to tighten up my terms of use and copyright. Also, even tho I DL'd it from here and dafont showing my name in the file, I'll have to resubmit them i guess. I dont know what happened.

thanks for the heads up.

You know what, Kirk? Yes, we may accept your apology - that's our right. Let me tell you something else - people here are smart enough when there are no explicit author or licensing info, to ask me - one of the main uploaders. And I always strive to help, by doing extensive search over the net, or for that matter - to connect people that are willing to use the fonts for commercial purposes to the ignorant font creators, some of them actually are so ignorant, they leave the copyright info from that Adobe Myriad they are used for a blueprint. And calling people like us morons does no good - simply because we are not, I wouldn't disclose who is, actually and will leave the moral on you. And finally - sites like ours is just making good for you, because you know there are better alternatives of

My 2 cents.

I just happen to like morons ...

pee pants script

Personal use only
83 glyphs
Typeface © (your company). 2009. All Rights Reserved. pee pants script:Version 1.00. pee pants script. Version 1.00 January 29, 2009, initial release. peepantsscript. This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from
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