Franklin Cascaes is a font that notably embodies a captivating blend of cultural heritage and artistic expression. Named after Franklin Cascaes (1908-1983), a celebrated Brazilian folklorist, artist, and professor from the island of Santa Catarina, the font pays homage to his extensive work in preserving the Azorean culture in Brazil. Cascaes was particularly revered for his illustrations, sculptures, and writings that meticulously documented the folklore, superstitions, and maritime traditions of the Azorean communities.
The Franklin Cascaes font reflects the intrinsic qualities of Cascaes' artistry and his dedication to cultural storytelling. Its design elements are reminiscent of the hand-drawn characters found in his illustrations, imbued with a sense of rustic charm and folkloric nuances. Each glyph is crafted to convey warmth and authenticity, making the font ideal for projects that require a touch of historical depth and personal touch.
This typeface boasts a versatile range of characters, including beautifully designed uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and an array of punctuation marks and symbols. The font's texture and uneven outlines subtly mimic the strokes of Cascaes’ original pen and ink drawings, lending an organic, almost tactile feel to the digital typeface. This makes Franklin Cascaes particularly suited for creative projects that aim to evoke a sense of tradition, heritage, and storytelling, from book covers and editorial designs to branding and packaging that celebrates artisanal and cultural themes.
Overall, the Franklin Cascaes font stands as a tribute to its namesake’s legacy, aesthetically bridging the gap between traditional folk art and contemporary design. It serves not only as a functional typeface for various applications but also as a reminder of the importance of preserving cultural identities through art and design.
Character map
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Franklin Cascaes

Unknown license
140 glyphs, 4 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 2007 by Saulo Deboni, Mirian Mitsue Yanai & Silvia Cristina Medeiros. All rights reserved.. SauloDeboni,MirianMitsueYanai&SilviaCristinaMedeiros: Franklin Cascaes: 2007. Franklin Cascaes. Version 1.003 2007. FranklinCascaes. Saulo Deboni, Mirian Mitsue Yanai & Silvia Cristina Medeiros. Saulo Deboni, Mirian Mitsue Yanai & Silvia Cristina Medeiros
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