Travelcons, crafted by the imaginative minds at Iconian Fonts, is a delightful and functional font family that captures the essence of adventure and exploration. The font is artfully designed to encapsulate symbols and icons reminiscent of the excitement and curiosity that fuels the passion for travel. With its clear and engaging icons, Travelcons offers an intuitive way for designers, travel bloggers, and marketers to communicate travel-related ideas, activities, and destinations effortlessly.
Each character in the Travelcons set is meticulously designed to represent universally recognized travel icons. These range from modes of transportation, such as airplanes and trains, to symbols of accommodation and landmarks. The icons are crafted with an eye for detail, ensuring they are both aesthetically pleasing and immediately identifiable. This attention to clarity and thematic consistency makes Travelcons an excellent choice for any project aimed at a travel-savvy audience.
Travelcons stands out for its versatility and ease of use. Its icons can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide array of applications, including digital platforms, print materials, signage, and apparel. The font’s playful yet practical nature allows designers to create engaging and cohesive visual narratives that inspire wanderlust and highlight key travel features. Whether you're designing a travel itinerary, a promotional brochure, an interactive website, or themed merchandise, Travelcons by Iconian Fonts provides a unique and effective way to communicate and embellish your travel-centric content.
Character map
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Personal use only
83 glyphs
2009 Iconian Fonts - Travelcons: 2009. Travelcons. 001.000. Daniel Zadorozny.
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