The Drogowskaz font, which emerged as a distinctive typographic development, has carved a unique niche within the realm of type design. Drogowskaz, a name that resonates with the Polish word for "signpost," fittingly encapsulates its primary function and inspiration - guidance and direction. This typeface takes its cues from the utilitarian and straightforward signage found in public transportation and road signs, emphasizing readability and clarity above all.
Designed with a keen focus on legibility at various sizes and distances, Drogowskaz adopts a sans-serif style that is both clean and functional. Its characters exhibit a balanced combination of geometric simplicity and subtle humanistic touches, resulting in a friendly yet authoritative appearance. This duality makes Drogowskaz adept for a wide range of applications, from digital interfaces to printed material where direct communication is paramount.
Moreover, the font's construction plays on uniformity in stroke width and a restrained use of curves, primarily favoring straight lines and angles to guide the eye effortlessly along text passages. This disciplined approach not only fortifies its legibility but also grants it a modern and versatile demeanor. Its versatility is further enriched by a spectrum of weights and styles, catering to diverse visual needs and hierarchies within textual content.
Drogowskaz’s intrinsic characteristics — practicality, clarity, and a contemporary edge — have earned it a favored spot among designers seeking to imbue their projects with straightforward, navigational clarity reminiscent of the signposts that inspired it. This font stands as a testament to the principle that good design, much like a reliable signpost, directs effortlessly, enhancing both the journey and the destination of the viewer’s experience.
Character map
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Wikipedia says:

Drogowskaz (Polish: Roadsign) is a typeface used in public signage in Poland. Originally developed in 1975 by Marek Sigmund for the Ministry of Transportation (to comply with its ordinance from 1960) and put into effect on April 1 of that year, it is currently used in accordance with the Ministry of Infrastructure regulation of July 3, 2003 on all types of road signs in Poland. A free version of the font was developed in 2006 by Emil Wojtacki.


Freeware. Font opracowany w oparciu o wytyczne co do liternictwa na znakach drogowych. Autor niniejszej digitalizacji nie odpowiada jednak za ewentualne odchylenia od ministerialnego wzorca zawartego w Dz. U. nr 220, poz 2181. . FontForge : Drogowskaz : 1-8-2006. Drogowskaz. Version 001.2 .
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