The font "28 Days Later" crafted by Jens R. Ziehn is an evocative and emotionally resonant typeface that captures a poignant blend of chaos and beauty. It draws its inspiration from the gritty and raw aesthetics found in horror and post-apocalyptic media, creating an immediate visual impact that's hard to ignore. The font's name itself, reminiscent of the apocalyptic horror film, sets the stage for its dramatic and intense character.
"28 Days Later" is distinguished by its rough, jagged edges and seemingly erratic strokes, evoking a sense of urgency and survival. Its characters appear as if they were hastily scrawled or scratched onto a surface, providing a stark realism that can add depth and atmosphere to any project. Despite its seemingly disordered appearance, there lies an undercurrent of careful design and readability, ensuring that its stylistic choices enhance rather than detract from its functionality.
This font has become a favorite among graphic designers, filmmakers, and artists looking for a typeface that carries emotional weight and a strong visual presence. It excels in contexts that require a touch of edginess or a raw, unpolished look — from movie posters and album covers to promotional materials for events or products that want to stand out. Its versatility and distinctive style make "28 Days Later" a powerful tool for storytelling, capable of evoking a spectrum of feelings from desolation to resilience.
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Nice, really nice. Loved the movie too.

28 Days Later

Unknown license
63 glyphs
by Jens R. Ziehn. 28 Days Later. 28DaysLater
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