As of my last update in April 2023, the font named "Cisco" by Tom Tor appears to be a less known or perhaps a custom typeface that might not be widely recognized in the mainstream typographic community or among popular font catalogs. However, based on the stylings commonly associated with naming conventions and design influences, we can speculate and imagine what characteristics a font named "Cisco", designed by an individual named Tom Tor, might embody.
Given the name "Cisco", one might envision a font that encapsulates qualities of modernity, robustness, and reliability, drawing inspiration perhaps from the technological or networking realms, given the name's association with the multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco Systems. Such a typeface could be characterized by a clean, sans-serif design, offering a contemporary aesthetic with sleek lines and a degree of simplicity that ensures versatility across various mediums, from digital displays to print.
The font could potentially integrate geometric shapes and even spacing, showcasing a balance between formality and accessibility, making it suitable for both corporate communications and casual, creative projects. The designer, Tom Tor, might have introduced unique elements to the font, such as subtle curves at the junctions of letters or slightly varied stroke weights, to inject personality and distinguish "Cisco" from other sans-serif fonts. These design choices would cater to users looking for a font that delivers clarity and professionalism without sacrificing character.
Due to the speculative nature of this description, I recommend reaching out to design communities, forums, or directly to Tom Tor (if possible) for accurate and detailed information about the "Cisco" font and to view samples of it if you're considering it for your projects. Such steps would provide a concrete understanding of its stylistic nuances, usage rights, and how it might suit your specific design needs.
Character map
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100 glyphs
Copyright (c) Tom Tor, 1992. All rights reserved. TomTor: 1992. CiscoCisco. Version 1.0 . Cisco. is a trademark of Tom Tor.. Tom Tor.
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