Union Agrochem, designed by Polenimschaufenster, is an intriguing font that captures the essence of its unique branding. Its design is a noteworthy fusion of industrial robustness and agricultural earthiness, reflecting the innovative spirit of agricultural chemical products with an artistic flair. The font embodies a strong character, making it ideal for purposes that require a mix of technical reliability and approachable warmth.
The structure of Union Agrochem features clean lines and geometric shapes, which lend it a modern and forward-thinking appearance. However, it doesn’t stray far from the roots of traditional typefaces, as evidenced by subtle nods to classic design principles that add a touch of nostalgia and reliability. This balance ensures that the font remains versatile, suitable for both contemporary and vintage-inspired projects.
Moreover, Union Agrochem is characterized by its excellent legibility, thanks to its well-defined letterforms and adequate spacing. Whether used in large headlines or small body text, it maintains its clarity and impact, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications—from product labeling and packaging to marketing materials and digital interfaces in the agrochemical industry.
Overall, Union Agrochem by Polenimschaufenster stands out for its ability to marry the worlds of agriculture, chemistry, and design in a harmonious and practical font. Its thoughtful conception and execution make it a valuable asset for brands looking to communicate reliability, innovation, and connection to the earth.
Character map
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Union Agrochem

Unknown license
94 glyphs
|| www.jestyle.net |> polenimschaufenster prod. | enjoy.. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Union Agrochem Charkrapetch. Union Agrochem Charkrapetch. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 27.12.2003. UnionAgrochemCharkrapetch
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