As of my last update in 2023, SlabStruct Too is not a widely recognized or documented font in mainstream typographic resources or among well-known font libraries. Its name suggests it could either be a hypothetical font, a custom creation not widely distributed, or perhaps a lesser-known typeface that hasn't captured significant attention in graphic design circles. However, based on the nomenclature "SlabStruct Too," we can infer and speculate about its characteristics by breaking down the name.
The term "Slab" in the font's name indicates that it likely belongs to the slab serif category of typefaces. Slab serif fonts are characterized by their bold, block-like serifs. These serifs are typically uniform in thickness, offering a sturdy and robust appearance that sets them apart from more traditional serif fonts, which often have thinner, more delicate serifs. Slab serif fonts convey a sense of solidity and presence, making them a popular choice for headlines, posters, and any application where a commanding typeface is required.
The word "Struct" implies a focus on structure, suggesting that this font might emphasize geometric forms or a constructed appearance. This could point to a design ethos where readability and architectural qualities are key, blending the slab serif characteristics with a perhaps more engineered or modular approach to letterform design.
"Too" in the name could imply that this is a sequel or a variation of an original SlabStruct font. This iteration might offer enhancements, stylistic variations, or additional weights and styles, providing designers with greater versatility and options for application.
Without specific visuals or a designer's notes to refer to, one can only imagine that SlabStruct Too would be an assertive, functional, and versatile font. It would be well-suited for digital platforms and print media that demand attention and clarity, such as branding, display purposes, and headings. The speculated architecture-inspired structure would lend it a contemporary vibe, making it appealing for modern design projects that require a touch of boldness without sacrificing legibility.
Character map
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SlabStruct Too

Unknown license
135 glyphs
Copyright paul hunt 2008. FontStruct SlabStruct Too. SlabStruct Too Regular. Version 1.0. SlabStruct-Too. FontStruct is a trademark of FSI FontShop International GmbH. paul hunt. This font was created using FontStruct ( Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.
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