Imagine a font that strolled out of a whimsical art project, tip-toeing between creativity and readability with the grace of a ballet dancer. That, my dear reader, is CAC Lasko Even Weight, crafted by the whimsy wizards at American Greetings Corporation. It's like this font was whispered into existence by fairy godmothers who specialize in graphic design.
CAC Lasko Even Weight has a vibe that's both friendly and artistic, making it the kind of font that would not only lend you a pen but also sketch a small masterpiece in your notebook when you weren't looking. This font carries an aura of casual elegance; imagine if your sophisticated friend decided to dress down but still looked effortlessly chic. That's CAC Lasko Even Weight for you.
Each letter in this font dances to the beat of its own drum, yet somehow they all end up performing a beautifully coordinated ballet on your page. The lines are smooth and flowing, reminiscent of a serene river of ink that’s been guided by a steady and practiced hand. It's playful without being childish, professional without being stiff, making it perfect for when you want your words to carry a warm smile.
Using CAC Lasko Even Weight is like having a conversation with a friend who always knows the right thing to say. It's versatile, fitting in comfortably whether it's a birthday card, a quirky advertisement, or a heartfelt letter. In the grand lexicon of fonts, CAC Lasko Even Weight is that reliable, fun-loving friend who brings a touch of light-hearted elegance to the party.
Character map
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CAC Lasko Even Weight

Unknown license
180 glyphs, 513 kerning pairs
Copyright © 1996. American Greetings Corporation. Altsys Fontographer 4.1 CAC Lasko Even Weight. CAC Lasko Even Weight. v1.2 8/28/96. CACLaskoEvenWeight
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