Once upon a time in a design universe far, far away, there was a font named NHL Atlanta, skating across pages with the grace of a hockey player navigating through opponents on the ice. This font, much like the team it was named after, had a presence that was both bold and dynamic, capturing the spirit of the game and the essence of the city it represented.
NHL Atlanta wasn't just a font; it was an homage to the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping world of hockey. With its sleek characters and sharp angles, it mirrored the agility and precision of players darting across the rink. It was the typographical equivalent of a power play, where every letter worked in unison to create a visually striking impact.
The font's boldness was reminiscent of a player's courage, ready to face off against rivals, while its modern flair hinted at the speed and innovation of the sport. Each letter in the NHL Atlanta font stood tall and confident, like a goalie guarding the net, refusing to let any ordinary design past its posts.
In the grand tournament of typography, NHL Atlanta was the underdog that stole hearts. Whether used for team logos, promotional materials, or fan gear, it brought a sense of unity and excitement to the visual experience. It wasn't just about making words look good; it was about infusing them with the energy and passion of hockey itself.
So, in a league filled with countless typefaces, NHL Atlanta carved out its niche, much like the team it represented once carved its path on the ice. It’s a font that doesn't just spell out text; it narrates a story of speed, strength, and the undying love for hockey, one letter at a time.
Character map
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Hi. Does anyone have the newer fonts, like the new style Capitals and new Senators? Or any of the vintage ones? Thanks.

NHL Atlanta

Unknown license
62 glyphs, 466 kerning pairs
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