As of my last update in April 2023, "Shot" is a font created by The Type Fetish, a foundry known for its collection of unique and eclectic typefaces. The Type Fetish, founded by Michael Wallner, prides itself on offering a range of fonts that stand out for their individuality and creative appeal. Although specific details about the "Shot" font might vary, here are some general characteristics and speculative qualities it might possess based on its naming and the foundry's reputation.
The name "Shot" suggests a font with a strong, impactful presence. It could be envisioned as embodying boldness and a sense of immediacy, possibly drawing inspiration from themes related to motion, energy, or even the aesthetic of a snapshot—capturing a moment in time. The design might incorporate elements that mimic the idea of motion blur, quick strokes, or sudden impacts, giving the text a dynamic feel.
Considering The Type Fetish's tendency to produce fonts that break away from the norm, "Shot" could feature unconventional characteristics. It might have irregular shapes, unexpected angles, or a mix of varying weights and widths within the same character set. This would allow designers to create work that stands out and conveys a strong personality, making "Shot" a go-to choice for projects requiring a distinctive and expressive typeface.
While it's speculative without seeing the font, "Shot" might also appeal to a wide range of design applications, from posters and headlines to digital media, where its unique character and potential energy could be leveraged to catch the viewer's eye. Being a product of The Type Fetish, it's likely that "Shot" would offer more than just aesthetically pleasing letterforms; it could also bring with it a sense of inventiveness and the potential to push design boundaries.
In summary, while specific details about "Shot" by The Type Fetish might not be readily available, its name and origin imply a font with a bold, impactful, and possibly unconventional design. It's the kind of typeface that would be sought after by designers looking to inject a sense of energy, personality, and creativity into their work.
Character map
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Unknown license
103 glyphs
1999 theTYPEfetish/Michael Wallner.. theTYPEfetish/MichaelWallner: Shot: 1999. Shot. Version 1.00 . theTYPEfetish/Michael Wallner
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