Character Map
Character Map
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Basic LatinLatin-1 SupplementLatin Extended-ASpacing Modifier LettersGeneral Punctuation


Unknown license
138 glyphs, 66 kerning pairs

decorative dingbats lcd
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Copyright (c) Gilles Pegel, 2005. All rights reserved.. GillesPegel: Pharma care: 2005. PharmaCare care. Version 0.100 2005 Beta release. PharmaCare-care. PharmaCare care is a trademark of Gilles Pegel.. Gilles Pegel. I'm a font.. Trypo e-mail: Dear user Trypo free fonts are free to use in all your designs. commercial or non commercial. While they are free, they are not in the public domain and remain in the exclusive property of Trypo. The free and non free trypo-fonts may not be redistributed in any way (they may not be resold, distributed commercially, they may not be made available for download) without the written permission of trypo. We like to see what you are doing with our fonts. Other donations are welcome. We encourage customers to credit the names of used trypo fonts.If you wanna mention us in your credits of the artwork please contact us. Thank you. We will keep you informed of future developments such as added glyphs, reviewed kerning and spacing at Yours sincerely, Gilles Pegel For additional information please refer to our website or contact us PharmaCare. care

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