Quote from the designer: "? inspired by the Ghost from PAC Man and the MDRD Font from Viagrafik. (?) Geist KNT is literally the edgy version of GEIST_RND."

"Both fonts are completely free and have no license restrictions. Use ?em, share ?em and spread ?em. Tell me how you use them or send me pics of GEIST in action. The free version of GEIST doesn?t include the small caps."

Character Map
Character Map
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Basic LatinLatin-1 SupplementGeneral Punctuation


counterless minimalist
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Copyright (c) 2006 by Frederik Frede. All rights reserved. This is the free version. Share it. For more info and the full version of GEIST_RND check FrederikFrede: GEIST KNT: 2006. GEIST KNT. Version 1.000 2006 initial release. GEISTKNT. GEIST KNT is a trademark of Frederik Frede.. Frederik Frede. Copyright (c) 2006 by Frederik Frede. All rights reserved..

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