Ah, "rockdafonkybit" by Grafik Industries - a font that sounds like it was named during a groovy jam session in the basement of a 1970s disco-tech, where the walls were painted in psychedelic patterns and the air was thick with creativity (and perhaps a bit of incense). This is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, sitting-behind-a-desk-typing-up-a-report font. No, sir. rockdafonkybit is the wild child of the font family, the one that sneaks out at night to paint graffiti and dance until dawn.
Picture this: If fonts were people, Arial would be the guy in the suit and tie, Times New Roman - the professor with the elbow patches, and then there’s rockdafonkybit. rockdafonkybit would be the one with the funk in its stride, wearing sunglasses indoors, and not walking but gliding across the room to the sound of its own bassline. This font has rhythm. It’s bold, it’s brash, and it refuses to sit quietly in the corner.
Designed by the eclectic minds at Grafik Industries, rockdafonkybit carries an air of rebellion mixed with a dash of old-school cool. It's the kind of font that you'd use when you want your text not just to speak, but to shout, dance, and maybe play a bit of air guitar. Its characters might be envisaged wearing platform shoes and bell-bottoms, each letter strutting into view with confidence, begging for attention and getting it, every single time.
Utilizing rockdafonkybit in a project sends a clear message: This is not just another text; this is a statement. A declaration of independence from the mundane, a break from the norm. It’s perfect for posters that need to be seen from a block away, album covers that demand to be picked up, or any visual project that aims to be as unforgettable as that one summer night you ended up dancing until dawn, without a care in the world, lost in the music.
So, if your design is craving a bit of funk, a sprinkle of spunk, and a whole lot of personality, look no further. Just remember, much like that one friend who insists on karaoke every night, use rockdafonkybit with care - too much, and your design might just slide from groovy into a psychedelic fever dream.
Character map
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Personal use only
68 glyphs
NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. 1.000;pyrs;rockdafonkybit. rockdafonkybitRegular. Version 1.000. rockdafonkybit. grafikindustries ltd.. GRAFIK INDUSTRIES LTD.. http://grafikindustriesltd.blogspot.com/
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leeme.rtf501 B
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