Angryblue is not just a font; it's a powerful statement wrapped in the attire of typographic artistry, courtesy of the creative mind behind the brand, Angryblue. Imagine if a rebellious punk rocker, a meticulous calligrapher, and a passionate graffiti artist decided to collaborate on a font. That imaginary collaboration would probably result in something close to the Angryblue font. It's as if every stroke and curve of the letters contains a bit of contained chaos, ready to burst out and grab the reader by their eyeballs.
The font carries an almost tangible intensity, with jagged edges and bold lines that seem to shout rather than just speak. It’s like the letters themselves are rebelling against the confines of traditional typography, refusing to be just another font in a designer's arsenal. Yet, despite its seemingly untamed nature, there's a surprising harmony in its design. The balance between chaos and order in the Angryblue font is like watching a carefully choreographed dance of flames - wild, unpredictable, but mesmerizingly beautiful.
Using the Angryblue font in your projects isn’t just about making words visible; it’s about infusing your work with a raw energy and emotion that’s hard to come by. It’s perfect for projects that need to make an impact, to shout rather than whisper. Whether you’re designing a concert poster, an edgy brand logo, or a book cover that demands attention, Angryblue is there, pacing in the background, ready to lend its furious beauty and make sure your message is not just seen, but felt. In a world full of fonts vying for attention, Angryblue stands out by simply being its audacious self - a font with a soul tempestuous and beautiful.
Character map
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Unknown license
83 glyphs
(C) Angryblue & Please do not redistribute this font. Good luck!. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Angryblue. Angryblue. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 11/26/2002
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