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Horror font with a water reflection. Made by Nú-Dës

@Zephyr LeMarr: Made by Nú-Dës

do the accents in the designer's name show up properly for everyone? It is supposed to be "Nu-Des" with accents over 'u' and 'e'.

They do for me.

i think i got to the bottom of this...

for those who care: there are some bugs in javascript's escape() function, while encoding UTF-8, unicode characters... the solution is to use your own escaping function that encodes all non-regular chars into a proper UTF-8 code.

i have added this function all over the site, since it would be a problem in other areas as well. please let me know if any noticable problems have arisen from that change.

do the accents in the designer's name show up properly for everyone? It is supposed to be "Nu-Des" with accents over 'u' and 'e'.

Yes, it does very well (MacOSX Tiger, Safari)

@Schwalben Koenig: Safari

safari??? you poor thing... i suggest you dont log out as i have horrible, ongoing problems with Safari/Konqueror. Those things HATE javascript... does everything work ok for you around the site? (i dont have a mac :(, have linux though, which is better, yup i said it :) )

Well, if you ask me this way, I feel more comfortable with the dafont-Php-thingy. Where you first can customize the typeface-letters and then go for a stroll. That means: First I typi in "test" for example, then all the font sin the category change themselves to "test", then I browse through.

here at AF I only can browse the fonts with their default names and after I chose one I can customize.

But your question was Javascript vs Safari. I think this always was one of the things apple hasn't under control. in no version I worked on. But it works here pretty well, I think.

@Schwalben Koenig:I feel more comfortable with the dafont-Php-thingy.

one day, when i can afford a better server, i will do the dynamic image generation... the reasoning behind what i have is saving some computational power.

HOWEVER, i DO agree with you... in the perfect world, it would be that way.

How about a compromise? I will test out the performance hit on the server by allowing the dynamic preview within the table without the extra click to open up, BUT for the members-only. Sounds reasonable? If it will be slowing down the server too much, i will have to ditch it though.

off to develop.... could take as little as few hours... :)

btw, i dont see the accent in your signature, i will check out the member prefs page as well for that stupid escape function.

Woooah, you would do that? That would be ggrreeeeaaattt!! Thanks for all your effort....!!

as a moderator, you have access to Check it out and let me know if the dynamic images show up for you.

You might have to open the details for one of the fonts and resave the preview text so it remembrs it for

let me know if you have any difficulties

actually, i have just comitted the changes to the actual site... i have very little patience, and wanted to get this feature out there asap :)

let me know if there any problems

Alex, did you receive a "You are incredible!", lately? So that's what you are. Works perfectly. Thank you very much.

you are too kind! :) i just try to keep you guys and girls happy

Well, one thing will make me really happy: The personal customization works wonderful but the really really optimum case would be if we could see the names of the fonts too.

And for your interest: The nice Decotech font is not on your list:

got the font... will add later, once i have dealt with IE ppl having difficulties with the site... nice indeed :)

i would like to have names too... they are missing for the performance increase, which is very dramatical and therefore worth the time... i am looking into options, though, as always

@Schwalben Koenig:And for your interest: The nice Decotech font is not on your list:

Hmmm ... from ...

DECOTECH is a new rendition of a Walt Disney World Tomorrowland-style font. Seizing inspiration from designs by Daniel Pelavin and Neville Brody -- whose distinctive typefaces help define the retro-futuristic style of New Tomorrowland -- DecoTech features capitals from Metropolis Science Centre and Space Mountain, with the addition of an original lowercase set.

DECOTECH TL offers some extra capitals: the uppercase contain the common "Tomorrowland" character set, while the lowercase contain some additional designs based on signage from Port Discovery at Tokyo Disney Sea. These can be used alone or mixed with DecoTech upper/lowercase for more design possibilites.

Special thanks to Joshua Harris for the idea and design input! ...

Decotech is just another variation of the Anna or AnneBoleyn, as you please.

I haven't seen Anna with lc letters by now. I admit it is very close, but you can see differences ...

Revealed here:


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