Imagine strolling through a bustling vintage marketplace on a sunny afternoon; each step takes you past stalls bursting with vinyl records, hand-painted signs, and rustic wooden crates. As you meander amongst the treasures of yesteryears, your eyes catch a glimpse of an unusual yet fascinating artifact - the FD Crusted font by the legendary craftsmen at Font Duster.
FD Crusted is not your typical typeface. It’s like the charismatic old-timer of the font world, boasting a texture that tells a tale of decades gone by. Picture the rugged charm of a weathered sign hanging outside an old saloon, its letters etched by time, or perhaps the delicately faded print on a love letter kept in the pocket of a sepia-toned photograph. That's the essence of FD Crusted - a masterpiece lovingly distressed to perfection.
This font comes with a playful wink and a nudge, urging designers to break free from the sleek digital age and dive into a pool of creative mishaps and happy accidents. Each letter in the FD Crusted collection carries its unique quirk, boasting uneven edges, and a touch that closely resembles ink that quite couldn't decide whether to stay put or explore the canvas. It's as if each character was handcrafted by an artist who, in a moment of inspiration (or perhaps after a festive amount of craft ale), decided perfection is overrated.
Using FD Crusted is akin to injecting a soul into your projects – it turns the mundane into the extraordinary. It's perfect for branding projects that aim to stand out, posters that refuse to be ignored, and any design that wishes to wear a coat of authenticity and nostalgia. Dive into the FD Crusted font, and let your creations ooze the charm of a time when every scratch had a story to tell.
Character map
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This is another one I just love. I haven't seen a font quite like it.

makes me want an aero...

what's an aero?

It almost reminds me of those fences you see, where it is made from different shapes and sizes of stones. There is a home near me, I believe it was the old vacation home of Eleanor Roosevelt, and it has such a fence.

MMMmmmm yummy!

FD Crusted

Unknown license
93 glyphs, 479 kerning pairs
(c) 2003, 2005 FontDuster - freeware. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Crusted. FD Crusted. 1.1. FDCrusted
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