The "Mario and Luigi" font, crafted by the talented David Martin, encapsulates the playful spirit and nostalgic charm of the globally beloved video game characters from the Nintendo universe. This font is a vibrant tribute, inspired by the adventures of the two Italian plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, whose quests in the Mushroom Kingdom have captivated audiences for decades. Its design reflects the essence of the video game series, blending whimsy with functionality, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of creative projects.
The font's characters are designed with a sense of joy and dynamism that mirrors the energetic leaps and bounds of its namesakes. Each letter and number in the "Mario and Luigi" font carries a bit of the magic found in the games, featuring bold lines and playful angles that seem to jump off the page. The use of color and shape within the letters can also evoke the iconic imagery of the games, such as the mystery blocks, pipes, and the various power-ups that fans will instantly recognize.
David Martin's creation is more than just a typeface; it is an homage to the legacy of Mario and Luigi, offering designers and fans alike the opportunity to infuse their projects with the fun and adventurous spirit of the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether used for party invitations, themed merchandise, fan websites, or other creative endeavors, the "Mario and Luigi" font brings a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, making every word a playful nod to the heroic duo. Its unique blend of style and character makes it especially appealing for projects aimed at fans of the franchise or those looking to capture a sense of childhood wonder and video game excitement.
Character map
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Mario and Luigi

Unknown license
76 glyphs
2006 Made by David Martin Visit for details. Fonts@ Mario and Luigi. Version 128. MarioandLuigi. Visit or for details.
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