As of my last update, I don't have specific access to a font named "Cheaptype" by Fenotype, and details about such a font may not be readily available in the public domain or might be a newer release that hasn't been widely cataloged yet. However, I can provide a general idea based on Fenotype's characteristic style and approach to type design, which should offer some insight into what one might expect from a font named "Cheaptype".
Fenotype, a Finnish type foundry established by Emil Bertell in 2012, is known for its diverse range of type designs that cover a wide spectrum from modern sans serifs to more decorative and script fonts. The foundry skillfully blends vintage inspirations with contemporary flair, producing fonts that are both nostalgic and relevant. Given this backstory, a font named "Cheaptype" created by Fenotype might cleverly play on the notions of affordability and accessibility, while not compromising on quality and aesthetic value.
We can speculate that "Cheaptype" would embody a blend of playfulness and practicality. It could be designed to evoke the charm of hand-drawn signs or vintage print work, perhaps reminiscent of typographic styles used in early to mid-20th-century advertising, where effectiveness and eye-catchiness were paramount, yet budgets were often limited. This might translate to a font with bold, attention-grabbing letters, possibly featuring irregularities or quirks that give it a handcrafted feel. The font could include a variety of weights or styles, offering versatility for a range of applications, from branding and poster design to web graphics and editorial uses.
The naming might also suggest a typeface that's straightforward and easy to use, perhaps with a focus on being highly legible even at smaller sizes or in less-than-ideal printing conditions, reflecting the economical aspect of its "Cheaptype" moniker. Given Fenotype's expertise in creating multi-faceted type families, it's plausible that "Cheaptype" would come with an array of alternate characters, ligatures, and maybe even embellishments, allowing designers to customize their projects with a unique touch or a vintage vibe.
In essence, "Cheaptype" by Fenotype, while a speculative description here, likely stands as a testament to the foundry's ability to infuse a sense of history and personality into a font that's both accessible and impressively functional.
Character map
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cheaptype Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 cheaptype. cheaptype. FENOTYPEFACES 2002 halpiskirjasimet. Cheaptype
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