The font named "I Want My TTR! (Condensed)" by Iconian Fonts is a distinctive and highly stylized typeface that captures the essence of retro television and media nostalgia. Designed by the prolific Dan Zadorozny under his Iconian Fonts banner, this font is part of a larger family that pays homage to the aesthetics of the late 20th century's pop culture, particularly the 1980s and 1990s.
"I Want My TTR! (Condensed)" features a uniquely condensed letterform design, making it stand out in any visual context. The condensed style allows for more characters in a given space while maintaining readability, which is particularly useful for headlines, titles, and any application where space is at a premium yet impact is desired. Each character is crafted to convey a sense of dynamism and movement, reminiscent of the era's bold and attention-grabbing graphic design.
The font’s character set includes not just standard letters and numbers, but also a broad range of punctuation marks, symbols, and special characters, making it extremely versatile for various design needs. Moreover, its retro flair does not compromise its legibility, which is a testament to Iconian Fonts' expertise in creating typefaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
"I Want My TTR! (Condensed)" is perfect for projects that aim to evoke nostalgia or capture the vibrant spirit of the past. Whether used in digital media, print, or visual merchandising, this font adds an authentic touch of retro to posters, logos, video games, and more. With its distinctive style and broad applicability, it stands as a charming reminder of a bygone era, brought to life through the medium of modern design.
Character map
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I Want My TTR! (Condensed)

Unknown license
92 glyphs
2001 Iconian Fonts - FONTLAB30:TTEXPORT. I Want My TTR! (Condensed). IWantMyTTR!(Condensed)
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