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  1. Tired by WTFont 20.00 USD
    An emotion which lacks energy, focus and concentration is one that is of a tired nature. Seeing double or even triple is quite normal when one is tired and unable to focus. Therefore each letter form is made up of multiple lines to communicate this feeling. The combination of letters together gives a 'buzzy' or 'fuzzy' appearance which is often associated with this emotion. This particular font is made from using a combination of lines from the Egoism font. The details in this font appear clearer when used at larger sizes, making this suitable to use for headings or large signs. This Tired font has a great clean appearance which is best used for vector based drawings and designs. Pair this font with a simple sans serif font for the best results!

  2. Grave Plus by Intellecta Design 29.90 USD
    Grave is a Intellecta's best seller, a classic font design remastered, distressed and antique, merging the bodonian style with tendrils and victorian ornaments. Ideal to use in in display purposes for a stylized type design.

  3. Cassandra Plus by Wiescher Design 49.50 USD
    Cassandra Plus is my revised version of Cassandra, it can now be used all over Europe except Greece and Russia. I changed the weights a bit to make them more distinct. The Font has two widths of letters, wide Capitals on the (shift) uppercase-keys and narrow ones on the (no shift) lowercase-keys. You can match them as you like, but you should avoid having the same letter in one word in two different widths. But if yoyu are really daring you can use one narrow S and a wide one, it might still look good. It will almost always look good! Cassandra is my “bow” to Adolphe Mouron Cassandre.

  4. Mondial Plus by Wiescher Design 49.50 USD
    MondialPlus is, as the name implies, a font meant for the whole world.

  5. Ambassador Plus by Juraj Chrastina 39.00 USD
    Hairline display fonts are elegant and subtle with touch of luxury. They are the Champagne of type. Ambassador Plus Family represents a set of classy typefaces best suitable for magazines, cosmetics packaging, advertising or any kind of fine and sensitive design.

  6. Balboa Plus by Parkinson 10.00 USD
    Balboa Plus is a condensed sans serif display family. It was originally conceived as a simple black and white typeface. But it seemed unfinished, begging for something more. I decided to try adding a couple layers of fill and detail to try and make it interesting. The result is this four-layer chromatic font family. The Primary Font is the Main Font. The other fonts ( Fill, Inline, and Gradient) only exist to support the Primary Font. The Fill font should sit behind the Primary font (there is a little color trapping going on). The rest is even easier.

  7. Palmona Plus by Ingo 46.00 USD
    A rustic black letter from the 1930ies with stylistic alternatesThe high degree of abstraction of this typeface allows it to appear modern, even though its shapes clearly show an origin from Fraktur and Gothic. The letters present the effect of woodcarving or silhouette cuttings as they are defined exclusively with straight lines and sharp corners.By doing without any bowls, the typeface becomes a stylistic entity with a decorative effect. Palmona is especially appealing in combination with bold illustrations.Some of the characters of Palmona are available in one or more alternate forms which can be accessed manually or automatically. With Standard Ligatures activated, problematic letter compositions are substituted with appropriate ligatures. Likewise, in certain letter combinations the alternates are inserted. The Discretional Ligatures include additional alternatives.Congruent with the time of its origin and typical for black letter typefaces, Palmona also includes a long s as well as – uncommon but definitely reasonable – a capital ß. Both characters are automatically applied with the activation of Discretional Ligatures, and the associated ligatures appear automatically as well.When using ”long s,“ you must ensure the correct use of the rules for black letter fonts: ”round s“ is always at the end of the word, also in compound words. For those of you who want to be even more correct, read the corresponding article in Wikipedia.

  8. Boule Plus by Ingo 19.00 USD
    CAPITALIZED, geometric, bold and round.If the typo­grapher sees a font like that, it's enough to make his toes curl. But sometimes it just has to be that way.Geometrically constructed fonts do not necessarily have to be pointed and angular; It also works consistently around. And if I say it consistently, then in this case, that's done consistently.The basis for the BOULE is the circle. The letters are drawn with constant line width, the “corners“ and endings all have the same radius, the lines are all the same thickness.The BOULE consists only of capitals. There is only one difference in the use of uppercase and lowercase letters: in the uppercase letters, the round letters are circular, while the lowercase letters are narrow.The character set of the Boule contains all letters and accents to support the Western, Northern, Central and Eastern European languages with Latin alphabet.The BOULE is not only very fat, it also runs very tight; that is, the glyphs are very close to each other. To avoid "holes" due to unfortunate letter combinations, the BOULE contains ligatures for FT, ST, TT and TZ.There are also other versions of the font: BOULE Brillant on the one hand. In this version, simple highlights simulate a light incidence from the top right. These light edges give the font a decorative effect that makes it easy to think of wet sausages or balloons in some shapes.And finally the BOULE Contour. As the name implies, it is the outer contour of the letters, combined with a shadow at the bottom left.The name BOULE (French for ball) says it already: this font is globated. Therefore, it is also very suitable for all three-dimensional alienation effects. With simple light and shadow you can achieve a very convincing 3D effect with little effort.

  9. Blu by Leo Koppelkamm 59.00 USD
    When flat spacebecomes curved,

  10. Plau by Plau 19.00 USD
    Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text.Includes the following OpenType features: OT All Small Caps, Small Caps, Fraction, Proportional/Tabular Oldstyle and lining figures, subscript and superscript numbers.

  11. Plug by Superfried 32.50 USD
    Plug is an experimental, curvy, display typeface designed by Superfried. As its name suggests, it features ‘plugs’ within all the glyph counters. Plug has a very retro feel and its chunky structure leads to a distinct, high-impact display font. Plug has been featured on the Behance curated typographic gallery TypographyServed.com.

  12. Ply by chicken 17.00 USD
    So the lumber was cheap - just a pile of offcuts - and so was the carpenter… And you couldn't say he was exactly lazy, but he was certainly efficient… mostly he would just cut a couple of planks to size, slice off a corner now and then, once in a blue moon hash up a curve… I guess he didn't have a drill, cos there are no holes… and he sure as hell didn't have a ruler… But he did have some kind of an eye, and until it falls off the wall it'll look pretty OK…

  13. Tire Shop by Albatross 19.95 USD
    Tire Shop was designed by Jay Hilgert and published by Albatross. Tire Shop contains 1 style.

  14. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  15. FF Plus Sans by FontFont 45.00 USD
    German type designer Jürgen Huber created this sans FontFont in 2003.

  16. Corn Pop Plus by Intellecta Design 18.90 USD
    Corn Pop Plus was designed by Paulo W and published by Intellecta Design. Corn Pop Plus contains 2 styles and family package options.

  17. Moi Non Plus by Hanoded 15.00 USD
    Moi Non Plus is a wonderful, handwritten font. It has a somewhat chaotic look, but is stylish nonetheless. The name was taken from a famous Serge Gainsbourg song called 'Je t'aime - moi non plus', which caused a bit of a scandal when it was released in the '60's, due to its overtly sexual content.

  18. Goonatic 72 Plus by Andrew Fortnum 9.99 USD
    It is highly recommended to use this font at 72pts or higher. GOONATIC 72 PLUS is intended to be used primarily for headlines. Enjoy!

  19. FF Meta Plus by FontFont 29.00 USD
    FF Meta Plus was designed by Neville Brody and published by FontFont. FF Meta Plus contains 2 styles and family package options.

  20. Parisine Plus Std by Typofonderie 59.00 USD
    A playfull fancy sanserif typeface in 16 fontsParisine Plus was designed in 1999 as an informal version of Parisine. A reaction to the subjective functionalism of Parisine. In fact, when Parisine try to express neutrality (a typeface is never neutral), Parisine Plus has fun with contrasts and not-so-obvious additions for a sans family. Parisine Plus is a precursor in the way it offers many ligatures and strange forms we generally find more in serif typefaces families that express historical connotations.The various Parisine Plus typeface subfamiliesParisine Plus is organised in various weight subsets, from the original family Parisine Plus (4 compatible fonts), Parisine Plus Gris featuring lighter versions of the usual Regular and Bold (4 compatible fonts), Parisine Plus Claire featuring extra light weights (4 compatible fonts), to Parisine Plus Sombre with his darker and extremly black weights as we can seen in Frutiger Black or Antique Olive Nord (4 compatible fonts).About ParisineParisine helps Parisians catch the right busParisine Plus and its fancy type effectsObservateur du design star of 2007

  21. Conté Script Plus by Ingo 76.00 USD
    Personal handwriting done in pencil.Conté Script is a computer font but has the extraordinary look of handwriting. The typeface is exceedingly lively, diversified and distinct thanks to more than 300 different ligatures, i.e. letter combinations. In addition to the letter combinations in Conté Script, there are also double letters and figures included (aa, ff, AA, MM, 22, 66…) as ligatures with stylistic alternates.Type set in Conté Script appears remarkably similar to a text actually handwritten with a pencil.The typical style of the pencil — crumbliness where pressure lessens and the deep darkness where the pressure of the graphite in it's fullest denseness smudges — is another earmark of Conté Script. The font appears to be written quickly, fleetingly, casually, as if not really to be taken seriously, and as if it would be written one minute and erased the next. Conté Script looks most ”authentic“ around the point size of 18 to 22.

  22. Birana Plus MF by Masterfont 59.00 USD
    Birana Plus MF was designed by Yossi Biran and published by Masterfont. Birana Plus MF contains 1 style.

  23. New Yorker Plus by Wiescher Design 55.00 USD
    NewYorker Type was one of the first typefaces I tried my hand at in 1985.

  24. Biro Script Plus by Ingo 50.00 USD
    An authentic script from the tip of the ball point pen.This hasn’t been seen yet: A typeface which truly looks as if it were handwritten.Calligraphy is, actually, the art of fine writing. And actually, written scripts as typeface for the computer are 100% nonsense. And yet, an obvious thought: Create a typeface which truly derives from everyday handwriting. And since we, if we write at all, utilize practically only a ball point pen anymore, then a modern cursive writing form must look like just that. As a counterpart to the artistic ”handwritings“ which have long been available as typeface, the thought of digitalizing a truly ”ugly“ handwriting is appealing. After all, time and again there is the need for a text to look ”handwritten“.Biró Script is written freehand with a ball point pen. Finally a truly individual script!Biró Script includes more than 300 authentic ligatures in addition to the customary alphabet.By the way, the most convincing effect is obtained with a font size of about 18 to 22 points, at which the thickness of the stroke is now about the same as that of a real ball point pen.There's a difference between the anglo-american forms of some characters (esp. the numerals 1 and 7, but also capitals I and F) and how it's written in the rest of the world. For those of us who aren’t used to the world-wide usual forms, Biró Script includes a US version with the appropriate characters.

  25. Red Tape Plus by Wiescher Design 29.00 USD
    Red Tape Plus has two versions, one that looks »made with red tape« and the second version is »made with red tape« and an added »stencil look«! The stencil look is actually overdoing it a bit, but I found it to have an interesting personality, so what the hell! Sometimes one has do go too far. I am selling both for the price of one font anyway.

  26. De Fonte Plus by Ingo 39.00 USD
    A variation of ”Helvetica according to the blur principle.“The underlying typeface is ”Helvetica“, the only true ”run-of-the-mill“ typeface of the twentieth century. The distortion principle used simulates the photographic effect of halation and/or overexposure.The light weight, »DeFonte Léger«, nearly breaks on the thin points, whereas on those points where the lines meet or cross, dark spots remain. The characters are ”nibbled at“ from the inner and outer brightness.On the normal and semibold typestyles, »DeFonte Normale« and »DeFonte Demi Gras«, the effect is limited almost exclusively to the end strokes and corners, which appears to be strongly rounded off. The bold version »DeFonte Gros« is especially attractive. As a result of ”overexposure“, counters (internal spaces) are closed in, while characters become blurred and turn into spots; new characteristic forms are created which are astoundingly legible.The fat version »DeFonte Gros« is particularly appealing. “Overexposure” leads to drifted counters, letters blur into spots; new characteristic forms emerge, which are surprisingly easy to read.

  27. Times by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Times was designed by Stanley Morison and published by Linotype. Times contains 12 styles and family package options.

  28. Wired by T-26 89.00 USD
    Wired was published by T-26. Wired contains 8 styles and family package options.

  29. Tiles by MiniFonts.com 8.00 USD
    TILES12 and TILES16 are the first two fonts in a new range of graphics fonts designed to let you to create over 180 seamless background textures and patterns for your Web pages, banners and graphics. Using only one character and your own colour scheme, you can make background images that compress very efficiently in GIF or PNG formats.

  30. Wired by Identikal Collection 23.00 USD
    Wired was published by Identikal Collection. Wired contains 8 styles and family package options.

  31. Tide by Suomi 35.00 USD
    A surprisingly readable script based on flow of water.

  32. Plus De Vagues NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    The original release notes from England’s Stephenson Blake Type Foundry say it all: “a type of some waywardness in design, judged from any typographical standard…a type that seems unable to decide whether to be a roman or a script."

  33. New Yorker Plus Swash by Wiescher Design 55.00 USD
    New Yorker Plus Swash was published by Wiescher Design. New Yorker Plus Swash contains 1 style.

  34. LU LU by Design by Pascal 20.00 USD
    A mono-weight, bifurcated serif typeface in all caps. Based off of an old classic French biscuit logo. This distinctive vintage display typeface can also evoke edgier sentiments when set in a moodier context, as well as making for a playful option when set in a soft colour palette.

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