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  1. Iova Nova by profonts, $41.99
    Iova Nova is based on Jowa Script, designed by J. Wagner in 1967. The typeface has been redesigned, digitized, completed and expanded as OpenType Pro in the profonts studio. The resdesign includes the modification of the numerals which originally had capheight size. Besides, we complete the character set to cover Western and Eastern Europe including Turkey and Romania. The font contains more than 300 characters. Iova Nova is a young, fresh and casual design.
  2. Aroxima by Prestige Artsy Studio, $12.00
    Introducing the stunning modern serif font family, Aroxima Serif. This font family takes the traditional serif design and puts a fresh, contemporary spin on it. Avenir Serif features clean, crisp lines and sharp edges that give it a sleek and sophisticated look. Its high contrast between thick and thin strokes create a beautiful visual rhythm that draws the eye in and makes for easy reading. Aroxima Serif comes in a variety of weights, from Regular to Black, making it a versatile option for any design project. Its elegant and refined appearance makes it the perfect choice for branding materials, editorial layouts, and websites. Avenir Serif also includes a range of special characters and ligatures for added flair and customization. Overall, Aroxima Serif is a modern serif font family that combines classic design elements with a contemporary twist, making it a timeless choice for any design project.
  3. Nova - Unknown license
  4. Pronema by Tebaltipis Studio, $10.00
    Pronema a new fresh & modern serif with a strong style, a dancing baseline! So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more! Pronema Display Typeface is the part of a strong and modern Bold display. This typeface both impressive at display sizes and easily readable in text size, while the sharp shapes of the triangular serif and the distinctive letter shapes show their strength in logo design and impressive editorial use. WHAT'S YOU GET ? Unique Letterforms Works on PC & Mac Simple Installations Accessible in the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word Fully accessible without additional design software. I really hope you'll get pleasure using Pagers font and it will be perfect addition to your font collection! Contact me with an inbox message If you have any question. Thank you! Happy Creating.
  5. Ptoxina by FSdesign-Salmina, $39.00
    Ptoxina. Pixels join Circles. Ptoxina is a new member oft the Atoxina family with experimental character. In this experimental hypnotic font pixels join circles.
  6. Free - Unknown license
  7. Proxemic by Sarid Ezra, $15.00
    Proxemic is a bold sans based font with unique lowercase that will make your logo and design looks advance and modern. With the unique characteristic lowercase, this font can make your logo even more stunning only with simple steps. You can use this font for any purpose, especially to make logotype. You can mix and match the uppercase and lowercase to make your logo more advanced. This font also comes with number, symbol, and multilingual support!
  8. Prima - Unknown license
  9. Oxima by Graviton, $24.00
    Oxima font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2021. It is a technical sans serif typeface with rounded endings that provide a mixture between strong general aesthetics and soft elaborated details. Its strong and industrial, yet legible shapes make it perfect for contemporary and futuristic oriented projects and suitable to be used in any sizes, from headlines to body text and everything in between. Oxima consists of 8 styles, each containing small caps and glyph coverage for several languages.
  10. Syntha Nova - Personal use only
  11. Nova SOLID - Personal use only
  12. DS Nova - Unknown license
  13. Aldo's Nova - Unknown license
  14. Optima Nova by Linotype, $57.99
    With the clear, simple elegance of its sans serif forms and the warmly human touches of its tapering stems, the Optima family has proved popular around the world. In 2002, when it was finally possible to produce digital alphabets without technical limitations and compromises, and more than fifty years after the first sketches, an expansion and redesign of the Optima family was completed and released as Optima nova. Hermann Zapf and Japanese type designer, Akira Kobayashi, collaborated on the project, which included re-working of the existing weights and the addition of several new weights: small caps, old style figures, light, heavy, and condensed. The original Optima was never manufactured with a real italic, only an oblique version of the roman. Optima nova has a complete range of beautifully designed real italics; the new italic forms, of the e, f and g are especially notable. The titling face includes capital letters with special and unusual letter combinations and ligatures, making it an excellent choice for headlines, logos and advertising purposes. Optima continues to be an all-purpose typeface; and Optima nova works for just about anything from book text to signage. Optima Nova® font field guide including best practices, font pairings and alternatives.
  15. Metro Nova by Linotype, $57.99
    Metro Nova comprises seven weights, from ultra thin to extra black in regular proportions, and six weights as condensed designs. Each has an italic counterpart for a total of 26 fonts. The family is available as OpenType® Pro fonts, which provide for the ability to easily insert typographic features such as ligatures, fractions and alternate characters. Pro fonts also offer an extended character set to support most Central European and many Eastern European languages.
  16. Arial Nova by Monotype, $45.99
    The Arial® Nova family takes Arial back to its roots. Character spacing has been adjusted and a number of subtle modifications were made to the design to return the shapes and proportions to those of the original 1982 design created for IBM's then new high-speed laser printers. Although these first Arial fonts, called "Sonora Sans" by IBM, were low-resolution bitmaps, it was apparent that the design could also be an important high-resolution digital typeface, and Arial was redrawn for Monotype's imagesetters in the late 1980s. In the process Arial evolved from its original design loosing some of its earlier personality. The restored Arial Nova family is made up of three weights of roman design of standard proportions and three weights of condensed - all with complementary italic designs. The Arial Nova family is also compatible with the fonts that Microsoft® provides in the Windows® 10 operating system.
  17. Aldus Nova by Linotype, $50.99
    Hermann Zapf and Akira Kobayashi redeveloped Palatino for the 21st Century, creating Palatino nova. The Palatino nova family also includes revised versions of Aldus (now called Aldus nova). A bold weight is added into the font family. The character set support is similar to Palatino nova, but Greek and Cyrillic are not available in book weight fonts.
  18. Nova Caere by Eurotypo, $39.00
    Nova Caere is a typical urban calligraphy, gestural with its fast lines, with short and slightly noticeable ascender and descender traits. Condensed lower case and rounded capital letters are quite similar in height. Nova Caere has been studied for alternating upper and lower case inside the words of the text, so as to reinforce their expressive content. Stylistic variations that combine particular couples of letters have been developed, as well as some descender traits have been highlighted that can be employed to characterize words and phrases.
  19. Rockwell Nova by Monotype, $40.99
    The Rockwell® Nova family is a sturdy, optically monoweight design with blunt, straight-edged serifs and a no-nonsense attitude. It's the quintessential example of the appealing and eminently usable slab serif type style. The 13 designs of Rockwell Nova make for a robust and adaptable typeface family. Based on the original Monotype Rockwell suite of fonts, Rockwell Nova is an exceptionally durable design that suggests feelings of frank honesty when set in text composition. It is also an exceptionally versatile display design that can be used for headlines, subheads - or virtually anyplace where a strong presence is required. Rockwell Nova OpenType® Pro fonts have extended character set supporting Greek, Cyrillic, most Central European and many Eastern European languages, in addition to providing for the automatic insertion of ligatures and fractions.
  20. Bordeaux Nova by Designova, $9.00
    BORDEAUX - A custom handmade display typeface with unique design and hybrid lettering styles. This all caps typeface has two different nature: the uppercase is purely simple & minimal but the lowercase is defined by unique alternatives having special design. This typeface is perfectly suitable for anything that needs to stand out from crowd, be it some Ultra Modern Branding, Techno or Cosmic Themed Designs, Haunted Movie Posters, Mysterious Arts and even the Minimal Stuffs. BORDEAUX could be perfect choice for logo / logotype design, branding, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities as well as for editorial design that can bring uniqueness. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface. Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support including Western European & Central European sets.
  21. Albertus Nova by Monotype, $50.99
    Albertus® Nova is a faithful digital revival of Berthold Wolpe’s earlier design of Albertus and is one of the five designs in The Wolpe Collection of typefaces. This new design enlarges the typeface set from its previous two weights into a robust set of five ranging from thin to black, all with extended language support including Cyrillic and Greek. Berthold Wolpe began working on Albertus in 1932, at the encouragement of Stanley Morison. Morison saw an example of Wolpe’s engraved lettering and liked it so much that he commissioned a typeface based on the design. Since then, the original Albertus typeface has been used on book covers, in branding, on signs and in video games.
  22. Lutetia Nova by RMU, $45.00
    Jan van Krimpen’s famous Lutetia, released at the late 1920s, revived by a complete fresh design. To get access to all ligatures in both styles, it is recommended to activate Discretionary Ligatures too.
  23. Berling Nova by Linotype, $29.99
    Swedish designer Karl-Erik Forsberg created the original Berling typeface in 1951. Owned by Verbum in Sweden, Berling was completely redesigned and released in 2004, under the name Berling Nova. Forsberg (1914–1995) is considered one of Sweden’s most masterful graphic designers, and his original Berling has come to be seen as possibly the most definitive Swedish typeface. But a redesign was necessary in order to secure that the spirit of Berling would survive in the digital age. Linotype, the distributor of the original Berling™ , provided its collection of source materials to the designers working on Berling Nova. Additionally, Akira Kobayashi — Linotype’s Type Director — lent them his advice as their project advanced. Berling Nova is available in two optical sizes: Text and Display. The original Berling was a classic Renaissance roman face, with fine terminals and sharp, beak-like serifs. If one looks at Berling’s old lead type proofs in the smaller type sizes, it is clear that these had a fuller and more readable form than in later digital versions. So, in order to help return the new Berling Nova to its original splendor, both the base forms and the serifs were softened and inflated. In the text version, the x-height has been increased a bit (by 4%), the diagonal axis is less apparent, and special glyph ranges, such as those for small caps and old style figures, have been included in the font’s character sets. The display version still has the unmistakable “Berling” character that displays Forsberg’s mastery. Berling Nova is well suited for longer text passages in books, publications, and magazines. This typeface fulfils all the demands that one can make on a legible newspaper typeface. Access to both text and display versions are important to the demanding typographer. This is the first time since the typeface was digitalized that it is possible to use it in order to create truly beautiful and functional typography in all type sizes.
  24. Celtic Nova by Kaer, $18.00
    Hi! Celtic Nova font is available. The font is presented in regular and color versions. This is a new classic Celtic font with spirals and knots. Celtic Nova font is perfect for printing of graphic arts, posters, packaging and t-shirts. The font is given in regular and colored versions. *You can use color fonts in PS since CC 2017, AI since CC 2018, ID since CC 2019, QuarkXPress since 2018, Pixelmator, Sketch, Affinity Designer Since macOS 10.14 Mojave, Paint.NET Windows only.* *Please note that the Canva doesn't support color fonts!* You'll get: * A-Z letters * Numbers If you have any questions or issues, please contact me: kaer.pro@gmail.com Best, Roman.
  25. Sina Nova by Hoftype, $-
    Sina Nova is the slimmer sister of Sina. It has a slightly vertical tendency, a higher x-height which makes it more open in small text sizes. Its economical proportions allow an even more universal application. Sina comes in 12 styles and in OpenType format. All styles contain standard and discretional ligatures, small caps, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals. Sina supports Western European, Central and Eastern European languages.
  26. Palatino Nova by Linotype, $50.99
    Palatino® Nova is Prof. Hermann Zapf's redesign of his own masterpiece, Palatino. The original Palatino was cut in metal by August Rosenberger at D. Stempel AG typefoundry in Frankfurt, and released in 1950. Palatino was later adapted for mechanical composition on the Linotype machine, and became one of the most-used typefaces of the 20th Century. Palatino was designed for legibility, and has open counters and carefully weighted strokes. The type was named after Giambattista Palatino, a master of calligraphy from the time of Leonardo da Vinci. Palatino is a typeface based on classical Italian Renaissance forms. A modern classic in its own right, Palatino is popular among professional graphic designers and amateurs alike, working well for both text and display typography. Hermann Zapf and Akira Kobayashi redeveloped Palatino for the 21st Century, creating Palatino Nova. Released by Linotype in 2005, the Palatino Nova family is part of Linotype's Platinum Collection. Palatino Nova includes several weights (Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold), each with companion italics. Four styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic) have Greek and Cyrillic glyphs built into their character sets. The Palatino Nova family also includes revised versions of Aldus (now called Aldus Nova), as well as two titling weights. The first titling weight, Palatino Nova Titling, is based on Hermann Zapf's metal typeface Michelangelo, including Greek glyphs from Phidias Greek. The heavier titling weight, Palatino Nova Imperial, is based on Sistina. The fonts in the Palatino Nova family support all 48 Western, Central, and Eastern European languages. Additional features: ligatures and historical ligatures, Small Caps, ornaments, and a range of numerals (proportional & tabular width lining and Old style Figures, fractions, inferiors, and superiors)."
  27. Banda Nova by Typedepot, $29.00
    Hold on to your hats, there’s a new orchestra in town - the Banda Nova! Banda Nova is a crowd pleaser, feeling equally at home on the retail shelf as well as on the cover of your favorite magazine. The 7 weights included in the package offer a wide variety of styles, with delicate and elegantly thin weights morphing into cute, bulbous giants sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This versatility makes Banda suitable for virtually any design project, including logos, headlines, covers, packaging and more. We took the time to reimagine Banda, removing traces of our youthful naivety and expanding on everything that made it so good in the first place. Our team is proud to welcome back one of our earliest typefaces in a refreshed and much-improved rendition/adaptation, now featuring full Cyrillic support and almost twice the number of original characters. Are you ready to take center stage again? Download: PDF Specimen | Trial Fonts
  28. Bona Nova by Borutta Group, $-
    ☞ Bona Nova is a collective revival project of Bona typeface designed in 1971 by the author of polish banknotes Andrzej Heidrich. Besides giving the project a digital font form the aim was to expand the base character set: preparation of small caps, designing the alternative glyphs and multiple opentype features. Working together with the author we designed two new text versions: regular and bold – to give the family a form of a classic script triad. ☞ It is accompanied by three title versions and three contour styles under the name of Bona Sforza. All styles contains over 1200 glyphs. ☞ Bona Nova is an unprecedented typographic adventure for our team. We hope that our work will allow the cultural heritage of Bona and the work of Andrzeja Heidricha to gain new followers and fans. This project connected three generations of graphic designers who graduated the same school – the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. ☞ Bona Nova isn’t only a typeface. We have also prepared a book about the project (including an interview with Andrzej Heidrich, my text about the digitalisation and a font specimen). The Bona Nova release party was a big exhibition (over 1000 guests). I’ve invited 26 graphic designers to prepare their own initials of Bona Nova – they were presented as posters on exhibition too. LINKS Bona Nova WEB Bona Nova FP Bona-Nova-(FREE-FONT) Bona Nova Book BONA NOVA IN THE MEDIA Typeroom Typography Guru Slanted Designalley Stgu Typografie Info Wikipedia Bona Nova is a non-profit project, all founds that we raise we reinvest to develop the Bona Nova project (new styles, Cyrillic & Greek, extend character set).
  29. Logika Nova by Designova, $35.00
    Logika Nova is a simple, clean typeface with a modern design and remarkable appearance. This is a perfect choice for creating logotypes, branding, headlines, corporate identities, and marketing materials for web, digital & print alike. The typeface will be a great option for branding, logo/logotype design projects, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities, and editorial design. Adding extra letter spacing will make this font the perfect choice for minimal headlines and logotypes, as shown in the promo designs attached. Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support with Western European, Central European, and South Eastern European sets. A total of 280 glyphs are available. Logika Nova typeface includes 12 fonts, with six upright weights (Thin / Light / Book / Regular / Bold / Heavy) and Italic equivalents of all six weights.
  30. SYN Nova by Borutta Group, $-
    SYN NOVA is a digitisation project of SYN – futuristic typeface designed by Wojeciech Freudenreich, famous polish graphic designer. Our concept, besides giving it a digital form, was to expand the character set, design minuscule and opentype features for the typeface. Together with Wojciech Freudenreich we created 4 new weights. The complete family (5 styles & Variable Font Version) is distributed under open and free font license. Subsidised by the National Centre for Culture under the programme Kultura w sieci
  31. Ethos Nova by Designova, $15.00
    Ethos Nova is a minimalist neo-geometric sans-serif typeface family of 12 fonts featuring the finest design inspired by the simple and clean design approach of the modern era. The typeface is made with a special focus on minimalism and simplicity in typography, this typeface can transform your design projects to another level of visual appeal. Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support including Western European & Central European sets. A total of 312 glyphs are included. Ethos Nova is a perfect choice for graphic design, text presentation, web design, print and display use. The typeface can be an amazing option for branding, logo / logotype design projects, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities as well as editorial design. Adding extra letter-spacing for the Caps will make this font perfect for minimal headlines and logotypes, as shown in promo images here.
  32. Ars Nova by PintassilgoPrints, $24.00
    Ars Nova is an up-to-date incarnation of the Art Nouveau flair. Suited for striking typographic effects. Suited for some nostalgic pleasure. Specially suited for creative minds. Cheers!
  33. Joanna Nova by Monotype, $50.99
    The Joanna® Nova design, by Monotype Studio designer Ben Jones, is an extensive update to Eric Gill’s original Joanna typefaces and brings this much admired – but underused – slab serif typeface into the 21st century. Joanna Nova features 18 fonts – more than twice as many as the original Joanna – with a wide range of weights including thin and ultra black, which were not available in the original design. Every glyph has been redrawn using a variety of reference sources, including Gill’s original sketches and the copper patterns used in Joanna’s initial production. When Jones set out to design Joanna Nova, he saw that the ‘real Joanna’ was not immediately evident. “Some of Gill’s original drawings have a sloped ‘M’; there is also a ‘K’ and ‘R’ with a curled leg and a letter ‘d’ without the flat bottom,” he explained. “Is this Joanna? Or is it the version used to print Gill’s Essay on Typography? Or is it the digital version with which most people are surely more familiar than any other version? Ultimately, I think, none of these and all of these were ‘Joanna’ because, as with any typeface, it is more the idea or concept behind the typeface that makes it what it is. My approach was to create a version of Joanna that appears in your mind when you think of Joanna.” Jones noted that one of the most distinguishing aspects of Joanna is the italics; and that, for reasons unknown, many of the characters in the current versions are much more condensed than those in the hand-set fonts of metal type., The newer designs being almost unusable at small sizes. The italics in Joanna Nova have been reworked to be more legible and closer to their original widths. Joanna Nova expands the original Joanna in several ways that open up new typographic possibilities, These additions include several new weights, support for Greek and Cyrillic scripts, small caps for all scripts in both upright and italic styles, several numeral options and a host of context-sensitive ligatures. The Joanna Nova typeface family is part of the new Eric Gill Series, drawing on Monotype's heritage to remaster and expand and revitalize Eric Gill’s body of work, with more weights, more characters and more languages to meet a wide range of design requirements. The series also brings to life new elements inspired by some of Gill’s unreleased work, discovered in Monotype’s archive of original typeface drawings and materials of the last century.
  34. Alvito Nova by JAM Type Design, $24.00
    Introducing our newest serif typeface – Alvito Nova - a timeless, sophisticated font that embodies elegance and refinement. Crafted with care, this type family is perfect for those seeking to add a touch of class to their designs. With its classic and traditional appearance, this typeface is sure to impress and stand the test of time. Designed for professionals, this serif typeface exudes authority and gravitas, making it the perfect choice for high-end brands, legal documents, and academic publications. Its clean and precise lines give it a professional edge, while the serif elements add a touch of personality and warmth. Whether you’re designing a business card, a book cover, or a website, this font will give your project a touch of prestige and sophistication. One of the key features of Alvito Nova is its versatility. While it’s perfect for formal and traditional designs, it also has a contemporary edge that makes it ideal for modern applications. Its unique blend of classic and modern elements makes it a standout choice for any design project. Whether you’re designing for print or digital, this font family will make your work stand out from the crowd. So why settle for a bland and generic font when you can elevate your designs with Alvito Nova? Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!
  35. Kisba Nova by Identity Letters, $29.00
    Kisba Nova – A character actor that turns heads. Spiky serifs, soft ball terminals. All eyes on Kisba Nova: enter a typeface designed to arouse attention. Kisba Nova is that one guest who joins a party, and a murmur goes through the crowd. Kisba Nova is pure charisma. Opposites attract: Kisba Nova combines sharp wedge serifs and spiky spurs with round and soft ball terminals. Infuse this with a neoclassical stroke contrast and you get a thrilling typeface driven by visual extremes. Sure: Kisba Nova is a diva. But it’s a pro, after all. That’s why it comes in two optical sizes: Headline and Text. This makes sure it looks gorgeous in any situation. The Kisba Nova Headline subfamily is flaunts the trademark flamboyant looks and extravagant letters like f and k. They bring you all of the excitement of the showbiz in large applications—use it for sizes of 24 Pt. and more. The extraordinarily designed, thin and monolinear diacritics, punctuation marks, and symbols of Kisba Nova Headline add to this modern and elegant character. Kisba Nova Headline consists of seven weights from Thin to Black, offering plenty of possibilities to set headlines and titles. With about 600 characters per weight, it contains enough functionality for the demands of a skilled typographer. OpenType features, such as a large set of ligatures, extended language support, case-sensitive forms, different sets of figures, and arrows, enable sensational designs both in web & print layouts. The Kisba Nova Text subfamily comes with decreased contrast, more generous letter proportions, and wider spacing. Instead of employing flashy thin and monolinear diacritics, punctuation marks, and symbols, Kisba Nova Text aims for a more even texture on the page. It retains the true, elegant Kisba DNA while allowing you to set legible copy in sizes between 9 and 18 Pt. Nothing will distract your reader–Kisba Nova Text aims to please. Kisba Nova Text consists of seven weights from Thin to Black, offering plenty of possibilities to set body copy and subheadlines. With about 600 characters per weight, it contains enough functionality for the demands of a skilled typographer. OpenType features, such as a large set of ligatures, extended language support, case-sensitive forms, different sets of figures, and arrows, enable sensational designs both in web & print layouts. Kisba Nova celebrates the dual nature of softness and sharpness in a single typeface. It’s a character actor that turns heads.
  36. Haggard Nova by TipografiaRamis, $39.00
    Haggard Nova is the new edition of Haggard fonts (designed in 2011). The new typeface is an upgraded version of an old wedge serif font, with careful refinements to glyph shapes, and the extension of glyph amounts which enabled support of more Latin languages. Haggard Nova is released in eight styles with small caps, and true italics, and contains OpenType features. This typeface can be used for editorials and print designs, as well as text and headlines.
  37. Albia Nova by Greater Albion Typefounders, $9.50
    Albia Nova is a bit of a new departure for Greater Albion-an unashamedly futuristic typeface. It was originally developed for a friend of ours-a set designer who needed some lettering on props for a science fiction play-the brief was to evolve conventional letter forms and speculate as to what they may look like in the future. As released Albia Nova is a more refined version of this idea, placing a bit more emphasis on readability (today) over evolution of the letterforms. The result is good for giving design projects a futuristic feel, but also has something of the 1970s and 1980s about it.
  38. Nova Sans by This is Not Typography, $29.00
    NovaSans is a modern geometric sans-serif font which captures the spirit of Bossa Nova, a noble Brazilian music style. Music and typography presents several things in commom, so the idea behind the font is show some of bossa nova’s characteristics, like melody, cadence, softness, metric, simplicity, waves, subtleties. Some gaps in representing the source of irregular alignment scores. NovaSans also was selected for Tipos Latinos Bienal, in the Display faces category. NovaSans was built with a modular system. Its whole set offers almost 280 glyphs with alternates, dingbats and ornaments. Conceived to be used as a display typeface, NovaSans is recommended for use at large sizes.
  39. Outlander Nova by Device, $29.00
    Outlander Nova is a reworking of Outlander, and adds uppercase characters in addition to the previously available unicase versions. This new version also provides italics for the first time.
  40. Vegas Nova by Designova, $9.00
    Vegas Nova is a unique & modern Sans-Serif typeface specially designed for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage. The typeface could be perfect choice for logo / logotype design, branding, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities as well as for editorial design that can bring freshness and professionalism. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface. Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support including Western European & Central European sets. Vegas Nova comes with 5 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Black) and Italic versions of each weights. CREDITS: Font designed by Jean & Lis at Fontastica, distributed by Designova.
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