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  1. Freehand 591 by Tilde, 39.75 USD
    Freehand 591 was published by Tilde. Freehand 591 contains 1 style.
  2. Freehand 591 by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Freehand 591 was published by Bitstream. Freehand 591 contains 1 style.
  3. Freehand 521 by Tilde, 39.75 USD
    Freehand 521 was published by Tilde. Freehand 521 contains 1 style.
  4. Freehand 521 by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Freehand 521 was published by Bitstream. Freehand 521 contains 1 style.
  5. Freeland by Trial by Cupcakes, 10.00 USD
    Freeland is a casual brush typeface, with a rich, inky texture, and just a bit of a masculine, edgy vibe. It’s modern, bold, and lively, but not too whimsical. Features plenty of ligatures and stylistic alternates for a realistic, hand-lettered look.
  6. Deco Freehand - Unknown license
  7. Ulse Freehand - Unknown license
  8. Freehand 575 by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Freehand 575 was published by Bitstream. Freehand 575 contains 1 style.
  9. Ruzicka Freehand by Adobe, 35.00 USD
    Designed in 1993 by Ann Chaisson and Mark Altman, this script typeface was based on a proposal by Rudolph Ruzicka to the Mergenthaler Linotype Company in 1939. (Ruzicka designed the Fairfield typeface, and was also an artist and book illustrator.)
  10. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  11. Freehand 471 by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Freehand 471 was designed by Matthew Carter and published by Bitstream. Freehand 471 contains 1 style.
  12. Freehand Brush by Zetafonts, 29.00 USD
    Freehand is a type system designed by Debora Manetti and Francesco Canovaro to emulate the natural appearance of handmade brush writing. Open type ligature substitutions are used to randomly alternate between different versions of each character to give the final output a realistic, uneven look.
  13. Quickly Freehand by Cititype, 12.00 USD
    "Quickly Freehand" is a sans serif font in a casual handwriting style, this is an alternative font for when you get bored with the formal atmosphere.Comes with two versions, regular and italic, to complement your design needs. You can use this font for product labels, taglines, children's craft, prints on t-shirts, paper bags, headlines, cheerful quotes and even long text writing.
  14. Freehand 575 by Tilde, 39.75 USD
    Freehand 575 was published by Tilde. Freehand 575 contains 1 style.
  15. Freehand 471 by Tilde, 39.75 USD
    Freehand 471 was published by Tilde. Freehand 471 contains 1 style.
  16. Freehand 471 by ParaType, 30.00 USD
    Freehand 471 is the Bitstream version of Cascade Script by Matthew Carter. Released by Mergenthaler Linotype in 1965, this design is based on an earlier type by the Ludlow foundry.
  17. Ruzicka Freehand by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    In 1935, Rudolph Ruzicka approached W.A. Dwiggins at Linotype in the USA and handed him six typeface design sketches. These later led to the typeface family now known as Fairfield. The sketch called ‘Script’ was forgotten until 1993, when sketches and designs were found in Ruzicka’s archives. Ruzicka Freehand was originally a more flowing calligraphy typeface which Ruzicka later developed into this strong and unusual form. The typeface is designed in two weights and their matching italics. The figures are clear, only just indicating the handwritten style in the italic forms, and combine into light and harmonic lines of text. Ruzicka Freehand gives texts a private and personal character and is suitable for middle length texts and headlines.
  18. Freeman by Device, 29.00 USD
    Freeman was designed by Rian Hughes and published by Device. Freeman contains 4 styles and family package options.
  19. CloisterBlack BT - Unknown license
  20. AmericanText BT - Unknown license
  21. Monterey BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Intertype’s reaction to ATF’s Murray Hill.
  22. Antagometrica BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Antagométrica BT is the creation of Argentine designer Maximiliano Giungi.
  23. Spinosa BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Stephen Chick, of In Your Typeface Productions (IYTP) foundry, has created this rather prickly type design.
  24. Ingram BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Ingram BT might be described as Deco, or Arts & Crafts, in style. Created by Alex Marshall, it is a very condensed design with high-waisted uppercase glyphs that feature dots rather than straight lines for the middle hairlines.
  25. Mesotone BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Matt Desmond (MADType, Pufficlaude BT) would like you to meet Mesotone BT. This computer typeface design is monoweight and somewhat monowidth. The squarish unicase glyph forms feature eased corners and rounded terminal ends, which takes some of the edge off its techi look. Yet Mesotone still inspires one to explore the outer limits of the design universe.
  26. PuffiClaude BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    PuffiClaude by Matt Desmond is a real piece of work.
  27. Sloboda BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    A calligrapher, graphic designer and teacher, Duško Trifunović of Belgrade created this handsome calligraphic typeface called Sloboda. It has an open design, an outline of sorts, and though the lowercase is small and compact, it sets beautifully in text. The generously sized uppercase has a swash flavor to it yet works harmoniously with itself.
  28. Kloi BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Boris Mahovac has adapted a friend’s handwriting in this new font called Kloi (pronounced Chlo – ee). It has a very casual feel and includes alternative swash glyphs of some key characters as well as some extra ligatures. Taking advantage of the ligature and contextual swash features in OpenType, the alternate glyphs automatically replace the standard glyphs when appropriate, creating a very unique look.
  29. Melina BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Melina Plain and Melina Fancy are characterized by graceful lines, strong contrast and nostalgic overtones. These typefaces are patterned after two members of a type family named Greco, released by Fundición Tipográfica Richard Gans of Madrid, Spain, in the 1920s. Melina Plain is a refined version of Greco Bold, and Melina Fancy is based on Greco Adornado, with the notable addition of a lowercase, which was not a part of the original design.
  30. Reaper BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Thomas Oldfield’s typeface, Reaper, is reminiscent of inscribed Greek letterforms but he claims that its origin is much simpler than that. “I recall”, Tom says, “that I just began the design by making the uppercase ‘I’ and continued using it to make up the other characters.” The cap only typeface has alternate cap forms in the lowercase positions, including a vastly scaled downed O and Q that make for some unusual text settings. Contrary to what the name might have you believe, there’s a lot of life in this quirky typeface.
  31. Arkeo BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Arkeo BT is designer Brian Sooy's first typeface family published by Bitstream. Given very few design elements to work with, Brian has designed a bitmap font that is unique and very readable. There are three widths, Condensed, Regular and Extended. In our opinion, pixels never looked so good. Arkeo performs equally well on screen and as on paper. The OpenType versions include an extended character set featuring oldstyle figures, fractions and additional f-ligatures.
  32. Irakly BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Perhaps one of the more difficult typeface styles to space convincingly, Irakly, a serif-sans by Russian designer Oleg Karpinsky imparts an unfamiliar elegance. The odd mixture of superficial details such as the half serifs and the protruding horizontal strokes confuse your visual senses, yet the simple geometric roots of the letterforms are apparent and ultimately reassuring. Irakly Light and Bold make a great addition to any library.
  33. Ambiance BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    The beautiful calligraphic typeface Ambiance comes from master designer Rob Leuschke.
  34. Ecliptica BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Ecliptica is an extended family of five very condensed typefaces in a single bold weight. The creation of Australian designer Robert Bell. Ecliptica has a Sans, a Semi-Serif, a Serif and a single Cursive that can be used with any of the other three styles. As an added bonus, Robert also designed a modern Blackletter companion.
  35. VeraCruz BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Introducing VeraCruz BT, a fanciful display typeface by Ray Cruz.
  36. Roelandt BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Roelandt BT is another beautiful script font drawn by calligrapher Rob Leuschke.
  37. Ambule BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Huxley Vertical meets Peignot in this stylized cap/lowercase hybrid design called Ambule. French designer Julien Janiszewski has created a clean, straightforward design that is strikingly effective in both text and display settings. Ambule Oblique and Ambule Outline complete the typeface family, extending its range of possible uses.
  38. Rina BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Eduardo Manso has brought new meaning to the word distressed. The contours of Rina have been randomly inverted, spiked and split to create this agitated look. Surprisingly, Rina remains legible. And just to turn the screw a little more, Manso created an outline version, Rina Linea.
  39. Islander BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    The hand-hewn Islander looks like it could have been liberated from granite blocks.These demonstrative letter forms leave no doubt when it comes to conveying your message, yet they remain playful.
  40. Persia BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Masoud Nejabati has drawn upon his capable calligraphic skills to create this typeface. Persia represents his first latin-based design. This gentle and finely rendered script reveals Nejabati's extensive background in Islamic calligraphic art. The slight back slant further enhances the appearance of hand-scribed pen calligraphy.
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