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  1. Zapfino Extra by Linotype 65.00 USD
    Today's digital font technology has allowed renowned font designer and calligrapher Hermann Zapf to realize a dream he first had more than fifty years ago: to create a typeface that would come very close to the freedom and liveliness of beautiful handwriting.

  2. Zapfino Arabic by Linotype 179.00 USD
    Zapfino Arabic is designed by Nadine Chahine as the Arabic companion to Hermann Zapf’s iconic Zapfino typeface, with the approval of Prof. Zapf. The design is an evolution of Arabic calligraphic traditions that combines Naskh and Nastaaliq to form a backward slanted calligraphic style. The character proportions refer to Naskh traditions but the isolated and final forms bring with them an exaggerated swash-like movement that references the extravagant ascenders and descenders of Zapfino. The font contains a large number of contextual variants that work to create a smooth flow of pen movement, as well as 10 stylistic sets. The character set supports the Arabic language as well as basic Latin.

  3. Zarlino by Patricia Lillie 19.00 USD
    Zarlino is an original typeface in the Blackletter style. It does not solidly adhere to any of the historical Blackletter classifications, but draws from all of them, with some characters owing more to the Roman than the Fraktur.

  4. Janda Closer To Free by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    This chunky serif handwriting is fun but still completely legible for children.

  5. Sultan Free by Linotype 149.00 USD
    Sultan Free, designed by Sultan Maktari in 2005, is a freestyle Ruqaa and a winner in Linotype’s first Arabic Typeface Design Competition. The design is open, calligraphic, and very dynamic. This makes it suitable for large display sizes, especially in the area of advertising, while still functioning well as a text face. The font includes a matching Latin design and support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.

  6. Free Zone by Aboutype 19.99 USD
    A Sans serif design that follows a continental style with design characteristics that combine condensed and open counters. The lowercase has tall ascenders. Family includes common capitals and alternate lowercase characters. FreeZone requires subjective display kerning and compensation.

  7. Abdo Free by Abdo Fonts 49.50 USD
    Abdo Free was designed by Abdulsamie Rajab Salem and published by Abdo Fonts. Abdo Free contains 2 styles and family package options.

  8. Free Will by Melissa Lapadula 19.95 USD
    This typeface has been influenced by hand-written script fonts and handwriting analysis; which reveals your inner secrets, such as health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents and mental problems.

  9. Sugar Free by PizzaDude.dk 17.00 USD
    Don't be afraid to taste something sugar free - most times you will be surprised how good it tastes!My Sugar Free font may not look as very much at first glance - but play around with the Regular and Italic versions (and notice the 4 different versions of each letter, that automatically cycles as you type!) and you will see how lively the font is!

  10. Free Money by Jeremy Woods 10.00 USD
    Free money is an organic-looking display font. It was inspired by gig poster art, alternative comics and b-grade movies.

  11. Tree by T-26 49.00 USD
    Tree was designed by Eric Stevens and published by T-26. Tree contains 3 styles and family package options.

  12. Fred by E-phemera 20.00 USD
    The Fred family is based on the casual hand lettering of Fred G. Cooper: cover artist, cartoonist, and letterer for Life magazine in the 1920s and '30s.

  13. Frets by Dingbatcave 39.00 USD
    Frets is a font family with three fonts in five different styles each: Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Bold and Ultra Bold. Based on geometric "fret" patterns that were popular in Ancient Greek designs, these are similar to Modules in that an unlimited number of different patterns can be created by varying the individual characters in different sequences. You can make your own elaborate and ornate frames and decorative tiling edging. These also work similarly to all the Dingbatcave border fonts like Ornaborders, Framemaker and Gingerbread Borders. Each style contains 94 characters, for a total of 470 characters in each font, and a total of 1410 characters in this family.

  14. Bree by TypeTogether 37.50 USD
    The Bree font family is a spry sans serif by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione that delivers a spirited look and feel for branding and headline usage. As an upright italic, Bree shows a pleasant mix of rather unobtrusive capitals with more vivid lowercase letters, giving text a lively appearance. Bree is clearly influenced by handwriting. As such, some of its most characteristic features are the single-story ‘a’, the cursive ‘e’, the outstroke curves of ‘v’ and ‘w’, the flourished ‘Q’, and the fluid shapes of ‘g’, ‘y’, and ‘z’. Alternates of these letters are available when a more neutral look is desired. Bree has a touch of cheekiness, a wide stance for each character, and an extra-large x-height. All this adds up to a big personality, so even when set in small text there is no skimming past the words Bree voices.In 2019, the Bree font family got a huge update. A few shapes were updated or added (the ‘k’ and German capital ‘ß’), two entirely new weights were added (Book and Book Italic), and spacing was perfected. More than that, Vietnamese support was added to Bree Latin, and the Bree Greek and Bree Cyrillic scripts were designed from scratch to parallel the Latin’s tone. Additionally, Bree was designed in variable font format for those who want complete control over the font’s appearance while simultaneously saving digital weight in the form of kilobytes and megabytes. Bree is in the perfect position for the next digital revolution.The complete Bree font family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses. Bree has been chosen for such wide-ranging uses as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US, the branding for the country of Peru, and numerous layouts including mobile apps, magazines, newspapers, and books.Awards– Tipos Latinos exhibition 2008 – Several best-of-the-year typeface lists of 2008MyFonts Top 10 Fonts of 2008Smashing Magazine: 60 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Designhttps://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/03/60-brilliant-typefaces-for-corporate-design/Die besten Schriften 2008http://www.fontwerk.com/619/die-besten-schriften-2008/– Selected for Typographica’s Best Typefaces of 2008– Won Bronze for Original Typeface in the 2009 European Design Awards

  15. Xree by Katatrad 22.00 USD
    Xree was designed by Stawix Ruecha and published by Katatrad. Xree contains 2 styles and family package options.

  16. Fleurons Two by Wiescher Design 39.50 USD
    Fleurons are embellishments and here is my second round.

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