Ah, the Confinental FREE font by Inspiratype – a name that evokes the elegance of a continental breakfast in Paris but with the 'FREE' tag dangling like a cherry on top that says, "Bonjour, mon ami! You don't have to sell your croissants to afford me!" This font stands out like a dashing gentleman at a casual brunch—sophisticated yet approachable, luxurious yet graciously free.
Imagine if your letters decided to hit the gym, not to bulk up, but to become lean, mean, sophisticated machines. That's Confinental FREE. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes each character look as polished as a polished Parisian walking his poodle through the Tuileries Garden. The typeface boasts neatly trimmed ascenders and descenders that don’t just drop or rise but make a statement of elegance while doing so. The kerning and spacing between characters are akin to people maintaining a respectable distance in a posh elevator—not too cramped, not too spaced, just perfect.
Confinental FREE doesn’t scream for attention. No, it subtly catches your eye like the mysterious stranger across the room, making you want to know more, to engage. It's versatile, fitting across a range of designs from the cover of an avant-garde fashion magazine to the menu of that cool, artisan coffee shop downtown that charges a bit too much for a latte but gets away with it because of the ambiance.
In a world where you're bombarded by the cacophony of Comic Sans and the sternness of Times New Roman, Confinental FREE strides in like a breath of fresh air—classy, elegant, and somehow reassuringly available without a price tag. It promises to lift your design from the mundane to the remarkable, whispering sweet nothings to your aesthetic sense without costing you a dime. Talk about a font that gives you the luxe for less!
Character map
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Confinental FREE

Personal use only
52 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2020 by Inspiratype. All rights reserved.. Inspiratype: Confinental FREE: 2020. ConfinentalFREE. Version 1.000. Confinental FREE is a trademark of Inspiratype.. Inspiratype
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