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  1. Hate by Indian Type Foundry 50.00 USD
    Hate is a display design for Halloween and horror movie posters. While it isn’t an everyday typeface, Hate was developed with the same degree of consideration we’d put into a superfamily. Far from being just a simple font, Hate’s character set contains 510 glyphs. Each letter has three variants available. Combined with the font’s OpenType features, this means that, if you type the same letter three times (e.g., ‘RRR’), you’ll see three different instances. There’s more to Hate than the spooky-looking hairs or roots sprouting out from each glyph. The letters are top-heavy, and this plays out both in terms of weight and width. Hate is somewhat condensed, with narrow counters, a rough drawing style, and sharp thin stroke endings. Letters don’t share exact baselines, x-heights, cap-heights, or ascender and descender settings, and character proportion is a bit caricatural, too.

  2. Phat by Identikal Collection 23.00 USD
    Phat was published by Identikal Collection. Phat contains 6 styles and family package options.

  3. That by Suomi 30.00 USD
    This is That: a family of four weights with roman and true italics, and also with chiselled medium weight, and Irregular variant for, well, variety.

  4. Cats by Celebrity Fontz 24.99 USD
    Cats is a whimsical font made up of two different sets of cat alphabets in upper and lower cases. Happy cats are pictured in a variety of poses forming the letters they represent. If you love cats, you will not want to miss having the Cats font in your collection. Includes full set of accented characters.

  5. Top Hat JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Top Hat JNL is an new treatment given to Jeff Levine's Art Lover JNL capturing the classic look of Art Deco at its boldest.

  6. ITC Flora by ITC 35.00 USD
    ITC Flora was designed by Gerard Unger and published by ITC. ITC Flora contains 2 styles and family package options.

  7. Federal Streamliner by Greater Albion Typefounders 9.95 USD
    Federal Streamliner was inspired by lettering seen on the side of a 1950s/60s era train.

  8. Architype Fodor by The Foundry 99.00 USD
    Architype Crouwel is a collection of typefaces created in collaboration with Wim Crouwel, following his agreement with The Foundry, to recreate his experimental alphabets as digital fonts. Crouwel's most recognized work was for the Van Abbe and Stedelijk museums (1954 –72) where he established his reputation for radical, grid-based design.

  9. De Floras by Dikas Studio 15.00 USD
    Hello, let me introduce my font called de Floras - 5 Fonts Family.de Floras is a lovely and beautiful script typeface that designs manually by hand and love. de Floras comes with 5 weight, light, regular, semi bold, bold and extra bold. de Floras comes with a beautiful start and end swash that made who look for the first time is falling in love. Very suitable for designing wedding cards, birthday cards, invitation, greeting, and many more.

  10. Cedra 4F by 4th february 25.00 USD
    Cedra 4F was designed by Sergiy Tkachenko and published by 4th february. Cedra 4F contains 8 styles and family package options.

  11. Hardy Har Har NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    In their circa 1900 specimen catalog, Barnhard Brothers and Spindler called this typeface "Samoa", suggesting exotic locales. On the other hand, it also suggests some serious fun, and is named in honor of British artist Dudley Hardy, whose posters used a very similar typeface extensively.

  12. FF Dora by FontFont 49.00 USD
    The family has 5 weights, including a Display style, and is ideally suited for book and magazine design as well as small text.

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