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  1. Felora by Dmitrii Chirkov, 18.00 USD
    Introducing the elegant new Felora script!For those of you who are needing a touch of elegance and modernity for your designs, this font was created for you!
  2. Flora Dora NF by Nick's Fonts, 10.00 USD
    Long before there was Scooby Doo, there was scooby-dooby. This exuberant font is based on the works of whacked-out 50s album-cover artist Jim Flora, whose imaginative illustrations defined hot jazz and cool cats.
  3. Xéfora - Personal use only
  4. Eldora - Personal use only
  5. Decora by Bogusky 2, 20.00 USD
    Modern condensed font
  6. Sedona by Jeff Kahn, 29.00 USD
    Sedona is a quirky, all capitals, display font that evokes the American West, Native Americana, vacations, travel, campgrounds, rustic lodges, needle point, Christmas, holidays, Arts and Crafts movement, quilts, tiles, and alpine resorts. It is based on an isometric grid and individual shapes that conform to the grid's structure. Each letter or glyph is made up of numerous triangular shapes. The letters have gaps of space that create a dynamic texture. Our mind connects the triangles to complete the letter and recognize the familiar letterform.
  7. Redoura by Letterhend, 16.00 USD
    Redoura Font is a script typeface inspired by 70's font style and Script Sports font style which is absolutely awesome for logotype / wordmark, especially for sports theme logos. Redoura Script font includes upper & lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. It also has many open type alternates and ligatures.
  8. Andora by Letterara, 12.00 USD
    Introducing Andora, a beautiful, full-featured modern calligraphic font with tons of alternate characters and OpenType features. Andora hand-lettered is particularly well-suited for invitations, branding and editorial design.Perhaps the most fun thing about Andora is that it includes multiple versions of all ascending and descending letters, making it lots of fun to play with layouts and compositions.
  9. Fedorro by Leeza Chepugova, 13.00 USD
    We are proud to present to you our new Latin+Cyrillic font Fedorro!Fedorro typeface is a classy example of a modern Ukrainian style of type design. It is inspired by traditional fonts of the past, but with a strong modern twist to its appearance.The main feature of this font are round and playful letters combined with a relatively tiny negative space, making it unique like no other: many typeface elements were borrowed from historical exemplars of Ukrainian handwritten letters and redesigned with modern trends in mind.Fedorro is perfect for all the situations when you need the text to pop and catch the viewer's eye: posters, books and magazine covers, headlines, banners and ads, logotypes, corporate branding, lables, ads etc.
  10. Pekora by Typoforge Studio, 15.00 USD
    To design the font Pekora I was inspired by a You And Me Monthly published by National Magazines Publisher RSW Prasa that appeared from May 1960 till December 1973 in Poland.
  11. LHF Fat Cat by Letterhead Fonts, 35.00 USD
    Inspired by Alf Becker's Rounded Block letterstyle. Nice 30's/40's era appeal.
  12. Sleepy Fat Cat by me55enjah, 12.00 USD
    Introducing Sleepy Fat Cat typeface. A hand-made lettering, inspired by cute fat cat character.
  13. Fat Kitty Kat by Hanoded, 20.00 USD
    Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorized during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat's glyphs are rather rough, but legible and fun to use. The font comes with extensive language support and a full range of alternates for the lower case letters.
  14. Flora - Unknown license
  15. Fedyral - Unknown license
  16. vedra - Unknown license
  17. Feosa by Intellecta Design, 14.95 USD
    Note: The Lined style is no longer available due its complexity and the resulting memory and performance issues.
  18. Fedot by Oleg Stepanov, 20.00 USD
    Fedot is a hand-drawn font, based on shapes of early cyrillic scripts (so-called "ustav" and "poluustav").
  19. Hedra by Indian Type Foundry, 50.00 USD
    Hedra is an experimental sans with monolinear strokes mixing two typographic strands. On the one hand, the letterforms are very geometric: ‘O’ and ‘o’ are nearly perfect circles with just a small bit of optical correction to make them more readable. Together with the common ‘diagonal nature’ applied to some letter parts, Hedra feels quite technical and text set in it even almost looks futuristic. On the other hand, the letterforms incorporate some art nouveau qualities: the diagonals inside the ‘A’, ’B’ and ‘E’ are more historic than technical, while the ‘K’, ‘V’, and ‘W’ all have some unconventional rounded elements that seem like call-backs to the beginning of the twentieth century. Via an OpenType feature, users can make text look more technical and less historical if desired: Stylistic Set 1 replaces the curved-diagonal ‘K’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘k’, and ‘x’ with straight-diagonal alternates.
  20. Santa's Hat - Personal use only
  21. Hat Doodles by Outside the Line, 19.00 USD
    Hat Doodles… from silly to sophisticated, a collection of 30 women’s hats. From a Summer Garden Party to the Kentucky Derby there is a hat for all occasions.
  22. Black Hat by Trustha, 17.00 USD
    Black Hat is a bold handwritten font. Inspired by a round black hat. Written with a brush pen with fast movements. Comes with two fonts, makes it easy to choose a font that suits the project being worked on. Suitable for branding, advertising, headlines, packaging design, and more.
  23. Monkey Hat by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    Monkey Hat is art deco with a fresh twist of graffiti, and on top of that a lot of funk!Comes with a good handful of ligatures to make the text even more playful!
  24. Hot, Hot, Hot - Unknown license
  25. Cat Cat Cat by URW Type Foundry, 35.00 USD
    Cat Cat Cat was designed by Hajime Kawakami and published by URW Type Foundry. Cat Cat Cat contains 1 style.
  26. Fedorov Anglo by T-26, 25.00 USD
    Fedorov Anglo was designed by Jim Marcus and published by T-26. Fedorov Anglo contains 1 style.
  27. ITC Hedera by ITC, 65.00 USD
    ITC Hedera was designed by Olivera Stojadinovic and published by ITC. ITC Hedera contains 1 style.
  28. Decora One by Naghi Naghachian, 82.00 USD
    Decora one is a typographic innovation. It is the first of a series of typeface that gives the typographer and other graphic artists the possibility to use modern initials. It enables, moreover, the use of this typeface for decorative headlines and is suitable for manipulations in both vector-based and pixel-based graphic programs.
  29. Decora Two by Naghi Naghachian, 82.00 USD
    “Innovation” best describes Naghi Naghashian’s new Decora Two font. It is a “Liaison amoureuse” between the Sans Serif typeface and English manuscript style. Decora Two is the second of a series of typeface that enables graphic arts professionals the flexibility to use modern initials. It enables, moreover, the use of this typeface for decorative headlines and is a boon for manipulations of both vector-based and pixel-based graphic programs. Typographers worldwide, whose alphabets derive from the Roman one, depend on such innovations in order to meet increased demands of modern communication. This typeface enriches the possibilities for typographical design, which in turn increases the delight in such design. It gives me great pleasure to present this series of new typefaces to my creative colleagues worldwide!
  30. Decora Arabic by Naghi Naghachian, 65.00 USD
    Decora Arabic is a new creation of Naghi Naghashian.
  31. Remora Corp by G-Type, 5.00 USD
    Remora is an extensive new humanist sans serif which comes in 2 style variations, the effervescent Remora Sans and its corporate business partner Remora Corp. Both styles include 5 individual width sets ranging from the condensed W1 to the extra-wide W5.
  32. Decora Pro by Naghi Naghachian, 58.00 USD
    Decora Pro font family is designed by Naghi Naghashian. A modern interpretation of classic Roman characters in 1 weigh and 2 styles: Regular and Regular Italic. It is a Liaison between the classic Roman typeface and script style. The character set of this Font family supports most western languages including: Afrikaans, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Sami, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish. There are 17 additional symbol characters: euro, litre, estimated, omega, pi, partialdiff, delta, product, summation, radical, infinity, integral, approxequal, notequal, lessequal, greaterequal, and lozenge. It also includes the characters necessary to support the following central European languages: Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian and Turkish.
  33. Remora Sans by G-Type, 5.00 USD
    Remora is an extensive new humanist sans serif which comes in 2 style variations, the effervescent Remora Sans and its corporate business partner Remora Corp. Both styles include 5 individual width sets ranging from the condensed W1 to the extra-wide W5.
  34. Andora Ardelion by Gittype, 18.00 USD
    Andora Ardelion is a stylish and elegant new calligraphy font, suitable for designs that need both a touch of elegance and modernity. This font has a lot of swashes that can help anchor your projects in ornamental glamour.
  35. Cadora Woods by Hanoded, 15.00 USD
    Last year I walked half of Offa’s Dyke path, a long distance trail on the Welsh/English border. Walking the trail, I came across a beautiful stretch of forest with a lovely name: Cadora Woods.Cadora Woods font was made with a Japanese brush pen. It sort of looks medieval and a friend of mine suggested it would be the font of choice for maps of ‘The Shire’.
  36. Harting - Unknown license
  37. Cat - Unknown license
  38. Fat - Personal use only
  39. Hit by Typodermic, 9.95 USD
    Hit is crunchy and primed for fun!
  40. Hart by Studioways, 34.00 USD
    Say hello to Hart!
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