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  1. BPmono - Unknown license
  2. BPmono - Unknown license
  3. Mono Amono NF by Nick's Fonts, 10.00 USD
    Here’s a techno typeface with a difference. Its monoline stroke and sharp terminals are softened by rounded corners, and its perceptual monospaced widths have been subtly altered and strategically kerned to improve the visual flow.
  4. BPpong - Unknown license
  5. B0bmono - Unknown license
  6. Kimono - Unknown license
  7. Kimono - Unknown license
  8. BPmouse - Unknown license
  9. Kimono Kong - Unknown license
  10. Kimono Kong - Unknown license
  11. Kimono Geo - Unknown license
  12. Kimono Geo - Unknown license
  13. Mono - Unknown license
  14. Fira Mono - 100% free
  15. Liberation Mono - 100% free
  16. A.D. MONO - Unknown license
  17. Anarchy Mono - Unknown license
  18. Chica Mono - Unknown license
  19. Ayres Mono by Ayres, 10.00 USD
    The Ayres Mono font is a clear and geometric mono-spaced font.It has keyboard friendly characters for drawing curved boxes and tables from the 'curly brackets' characters.These can be laid out in the text with the even spacing.It also features easy to use simple maths and music symbols.Some punctuation marks are made half-spaced along with a half-space key for more layout options. It supports many languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Icelandic, Welsh, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, and Mauri. It includes symbols such as a tick, card suits and smiley face.The geometric layout is ideal for guitar tablature and text art.
  20. Aglet Mono by XYZ Type, 30.00 USD
    Round architecture informs Aglet Mono, tempering its rigorous, fixed-width rhythm. Clever strategies offset the lopsided spatial artifacts produced by a monospaced design: the dented sides of A, V, W, v, and w compensate for the absence of kerning. Extroverted f, j, r, and t fill their allotted space with curious hooks, and a brazen g supports the calculated weirdness of some of the other glyphs.Aglet Mono includes a set of useful symbols and comes in fourteen styles, like its relatives Aglet Slab and Aglet Sans. Minimal Extra Light resembles a wireframe of the characters, and the vocabulary of shapes grows increasingly diverse as the weights approach the bulky embrace of Ultra.A display face at heart, Aglet Mono also translates well to the more intimate, routine demands of code. Its atmosphere is distinctly industrial and technical, but also unstudied and ad hoc. Aglet Mono is a typeface for people who make stuff, whether headlines or software.Related families: Aglet Sans, Aglet SlabProduction assistants: Mitja Miklavčič, Teja Smrekar
  21. Belwe Mono by ITC, 35.00 USD
    Belwe Mono was designed by Georg Belwe and published by ITC. Belwe Mono contains 2 styles and family package options.
  22. Bistro Mono by Dharma Type, 14.99 USD
    A monospaced font designed for a small Italian pub & restaurant. Very eye-catching font.
  23. Mono Exolia by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing 261 ligatures, alternate letters and unique accented characters!
  24. Mono Iltra by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing ligatures for both double letters and numbers, alternate letters and unique accented characters!
  25. Mono Chix by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing ligatures for double letters, alternate letters and unique accented characters!
  26. Decima Mono by TipografiaRamis, 39.00 USD
    Decima Mono – condensed geometric monospaced Sans Serif typeface, released back in 2009 and quite successful ever since (MyFonts Rising Star, February 2009). This new edition is an upgraded version of Decima Mono and Decima Mono X, combining both into one edition. New version supports more Latin languages with an extension to glyph amounts. Also, six more alternate styles have been added to the original six styles.
  27. OliveGreen Mono by Schriftgestaltung, 33.00 USD
    A semiserifed Monospaced with a dynamic italic.
  28. Mono Condensed by ParaType, 30.00 USD
    The typeface was designed at ParaType (ParaGraph) in 1990 by Alexander Tarbeev based on Pragmatica typeface, 1989 by Vladimir Yefimov.
  29. Arete Mono by T-26, 19.00 USD
    Arete Mono was designed by Jim Marcus and published by T-26. Arete Mono contains 1 style.
  30. Galexica Mono by Ingrimayne Type, 12.95 USD
    GalexicaMono was an attempt to create a futuristic typewriter font, which may be an oxymoron. It comes in two weights, plain and bold. For a variant of the design that is not monospaced, see Galexica.
  31. Approach Mono by Emtype Foundry, 50.00 USD
    Approach Mono is the fixed width version of Approach. A utilitarian low contrast font, a bit mechanical but plenty of character. This version shares its main features with the original one, but it has a more prominent and visible punctuation. The more obvious use of a mono would be in tables, programming code or “in progress texts”, but not just that. Approach Mono can be used in the modern communication, bringing an aseptic voice to brochures, advertising, identities and any other piece of communication.
  32. Sicret Mono by Mans Greback, 29.00 USD
    Sicret Mono is a monospaced and geometric typeface family.  It was drawn by Måns Grebäck in 2020, and was created by following a strict mathematical pattern consisting of only two basic shapes, in four different combinations, set on a 2 by 3 grid.  The resulting product is a font with a serious and solid character, with an official look while yet going towards sci-fi because of its digital nature. The family consists of nine weights: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold and Black. The range of weights makes it very adaptable, and all the weights works very well together to give a sentence or graphic tone and emphasization.As Sicret Mono is a font with over 850 glyphs, it is guaranteed to contain all characters you'll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers. It has a very extensive lingual support, covering Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew as well as European and American languages.
  33. Mono Spec by Letter Omega Typefoundry, 25.00 USD
    Mono Spec is a monospace displays have an aesthetic and industrial style, The Stencil version bringing a spirit of resistance and street culture.Mono spec is equipped with opentype features, "Mono Spec Variable : access the variable for thickness and adjust the distance of the stencil freely", also complete with Fraction and alternate characters.Mono Spec is available in 5 weights plus Stencil version with multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, South Eastern European, Turkish, and Central European.
  34. Ballinger Mono by Signal, 50.00 USD
    The addition of a monospaced version returns the Ballinger family to (some of) its roots: a 70s-era typewriter face called Candia, which Josef Müller-Brockmann designed for Olivetti. Ballinger Mono is designed on the same principles as its sister face: plain, sturdy forms with large counters, open apertures, deep junctures, and a generous x-height. It matches Ballinger’s eight weights, which makes it unusually versatile for a fixed-width face, and has been carefully rebalanced for ease of reading, like the classic jobbing sanses that inspired it. Oldstyle, inferior, and superior figures are available, as well as old-fashioned nut fractions.
  35. Alloca Mono by Daniel Gamage, 29.99 USD
    To break from the rigidity of a typical monospaced font, Alloca includes weights that go above and beyond. From the wire-thin to the ultra-bold, you’ll be able to do a lot with one monospaced family. With OpenType features like slashed zeros, old style numerals, and case-sensitive forms, Alloca is versatile. It's great for displaying code, showcasing data, or even flowing your body copy. It has broad language support, too, with localized forms for Vietnamese, Polish, Catalan, and Dutch, to name a few.
  36. Colon Mono by TipografiaRamis, 30.00 USD
    Colón Mono is a monospaced slab serif type family of eight styles. The typeface design was influenced by the nostalgia for the aesthetic of a typewriter. Colón Mono is a counterpart to Colón sub-family and consists of two weights of roman and alternative styles and matching italics respectably.
  37. Qirate Mono by Fateh.Lab, 20.00 USD
    Qirate Mono is a type of monospace font released by Fateh.Lab in 2020. This is good news for you graphic designers around the world. This font combines strong modern and minimalist style, perfect for those of you who have a young passion in designing ideas. Qirate Mono is full of unique characteristics. This font is available in single weight and style.
  38. Klartext Mono by Fonts With Love, 20.00 USD
    Klartext [plain talking, clear words] A modern monospaced type family of 10 weights. Klartext Mono combines a classical monospaced font and modern monolined sans-serif with a humanistic touch. It is characterized by a large x-height, slightly condensed glyphs with well shaped curves and soft strokes. As a special feature, Klartext contains a bunch of uncommon glyphs like the German capital sharp S, a nice arrowset and a basic phonetic alphabet (20 letters in IPA Extensions, some more in Latin Basic thru Extended B).
  39. Mixcoatl Mono by FontForum, 19.95 USD
    The Typeface «Mixcoatl» by Elia Salvisberg was developed as a part of a course at the Lucerne School of Design and Art in 2016. Based on the book «The Empire of the Inca», a display-font has been created, which is inspired by the graphic language of the South American Empire of the Incas. At the beginning, only capital letters were designed but there was the desire for a complete typeface – which is why the missing signs were added. The font is based on a grid, so the characters are constructed equivalently and a uniform geometric font arose. The name was adopted from the god of hunting who plays an important role in the mythology of the Aztecs and appears in various forms. The uppercase letters can also be represented and combined in two alternative character-sets, so there are a lot of opportunities to combine uppercase words in different forms.
  40. Cindie Mono by Lewis McGuffie Type, 34.99 USD
    Cindie Mono is a multi-width display font. Six different widths – A (condensed) through F (super extended) – mathematically correspond with one-another creating a stackable type family. Each face contains all caps full West, Central and East European language support. All diacritics and marks are done in a hairline to add style and contrast. And Cindie Mono is ideal for posters, headlines and display lettering.
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