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  1. Midnite Movie JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Midnite Movie JNL was inspired by the hand lettered title credits from the 1961 Hammer Pictures film "Curse of the Werewolf" and is available in both regular and oblique versions.

  2. JollyGood Sans Condensed by Pixilate 18.00 USD
    JollyGood Sans Condensed is another member of the JollyGood family. This is a narrower comic font that allows you to fit a lot of text, while still being fun & legible. It is a complete complete family with 4 weights in regular and italic (8 fonts in total). It has an amazing character set, with support for most european languages, as well as alternates and ligatures.

  3. JollyGood Proper Unicase by Pixilate 16.00 USD
    Another member of the JollyGood family, this unicase version is a great way to add some fun to your headlines. It has a very complete character set, with support for western and central european languages.

  4. Mobie FA by Fontarte 39.00 USD
    FA Mobie is a contemporary decorative fat face. For use on posters, leaflets, ads.

  5. Moving Mouse by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Moving Mouse was published by URW Type Foundry. Moving Mouse contains 1 style.

  6. Moving Formula by Dmitrii Chirkov 10.00 USD
    Moving Formula Funny SansMoving Formula is a cute handwritten font with multilingual support. It is perfect for branding, wedding invitations, menu design, YouTube covers and many moreFont includes a full set of gorgeous uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, a large selection of punctuation marks & multilingual supportTest it out below to see how it could look for your next project!Includes:Regular ScriptLatin languages supportUppercase and lowercaseNumbers and punctuationCheck out my blog:https://www.instagram.com/superdizignerhttps://pinterest.com/dmitriychirkov7

  7. Mori Gothic by Inari Type 35.00 USD
    Mori Gothic is a versatile and sophisticated sans serif inspired by the Contemporary Japanese design, best suited for editorial, graphic design and branding. From extra light to bold, it was designed with plenty of open type features, including stylistic sets with circled and squared numbers, subscript and superscript numbers, symbols and punctuations (some of them Japanese), graphic and mathematical symbols and many alternates.

  8. Hollywood Stars (Volume 1) by Celebrity Fontz 24.99 USD
    Hollywood Stars (Volume 1) is a unique collection of signatures of 92 famous Hollywood stars in a high-quality font. A must-have for autograph collectors, desktop publishers, lovers of the arts, history, movie buffs, fans, or anyone who has ever dreamed of sending a letter, card, or e-mail "signed" as if by one of these famous Hollywood celebrities.

  9. OL Movie Title Gothic by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez 30.00 USD
    Inspired by Hamilton Gothic.

  10. Moving Van JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Moving Van JNL is a classic sign painter's block Roman with angled [instead of rounded] corners and slab serifs.

  11. AT Move Bloggy by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    BLOGGY designed in 2010 by André Toet. In the series of typefaces that were created by our team, BLOGGY stands out as a rough typeface based on a grid. Within this square grid the typeface is enlarged and reduced in size in order to create a dazzling font. A complete ‘extra alphabet’ was added to the font by cutting the letters diagonally. To us typedesign doesn't only mean designing fonts for books but also advertising, posters, film or digital use. We hope that BLOGGY will do the trick ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  12. AT Move Billiard by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    BILLIARD was born from the numerous sketches André Toet did for the design of a series of postage stamps in 2011. It’s a capital monospaced and ‘fun’ alphabet, based on the classic billiard play with two white and one red ball. Actually snooker and pool were derived from this rather old sport! In Europe it used to be a sport played by elderly people, practiced in traditional bars, including the smell of beer and the at that time prevalent smell of cigarettes and cigars. These days billiard, snooker and pool are quite popular once again with young people. Hopefully our new font will get the same attention the ‘old sport’ deserves and who knows it might even be used in a sportive way. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  13. AT Move Holborn by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    HOLBORN Aptly named after ‘High Holborn’, a high-street in London where the Central School of Art & Design was based. A font, just in capitals, based on the original design and the earlier sketches (1976) by André Toet. The strong optical illusion in this alphabet makes it an outstanding typeface. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  14. AT Move Skewy by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    Here it is, the 15th font by André Toet: SKEWY. Based on early sketches by André Toet going as far back as 1974. In fact it’s another 3D alphabet, but this time the effect is created by the light and shadows from a revolving imaginary sun. The font consists of a shadow type and we've added the solid version as a bold bonus ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  15. AT Move Wyggle by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    WYGGLE is a dynamic (capital) font taken from my Alphatool project. It’s an interesting typeface which can be used for interior and/or exterior (3D projects). Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  16. AT Move Nath! by André Toet Design 75.00 USD
    NATH !* Is a peculiar typeface. It’s design came by the fascination of Optical Illusions and 3D on a flat surface, like with Holborn and Powerplay. The typeface is named after a girlfriend of André Toet. *Made in the UK, 1974, London (Central School of Art & Design). (Redesigned 2013 by André Toet / Jasper Terra). Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  17. AT Move Quipo by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    QUIPO is a typeface based on my recent survey (Freeflow) on hand drawn logotypes used by American and English pop groups in the 60-70s. We thought it an interesting project and a free flow exercise to design this particular font just in capitals and well... yes it’s rather ‘bulky’. Needless to say it comes with numbers and the normal punctuations ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  18. AT Move Herengracht by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    HERENGRACHT (Patricians' Canal or Lord’s Canal) is the first of the three major canals in the city centre of Amsterdam. The canal is named after the heren regeerders who governed the city in the 16th and 17th century. The most fashionable part is called the Golden Bend, with many double wide mansions, inner gardens and coach houses on Keizersgracht. Former bureau of André Toet (SO)Design was situated there for over 32 years, it was about time to name one of our fonts to: HERENGRACHT. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  19. AT Move PiPi by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    PiPi is named after a happy Italian cat with a remarkable pattern, color and attitude. Designed by Andre Toet in 2011. Every letter is a different expression in itself although it has an identical base. It gives a joyful feeling to use this font in all your designs whether they be graphic or digital. M E O O O W ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  20. AT Move Artu by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    Artù ! Strano ma vero, strange but true. A beautiful, intelligent and lively Italian dog and a great friend, unfortunately no longer among us ... but his memory lingers. A typeface designed in Rosennano (Tuscany), its Italian, but executed in Amsterdam. This monospace typeface might prove to be extremely useful for household products like washing powder or any anything like that. Just use it in your designs, let it live! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  21. AT Move Decoupe by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    Découpé Based on a French children’s play from 1906. In a car boot sale André Toet found a funny looking box containing a lot of cut out cardboard figures, in fact it looked a bit like a geometric puzzle! He played around a bit and succeeded to create a workable typeface with it ! The interesting thing about this particular font is, that in fact it’s organized chaos. The 26 letters of the alphabet are a mix between caps and lowercases, so within one word caps and lowercases will be used next to each other. It’s a very useful font for different projects. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  22. AT Move MMM by André Toet Design 75.00 USD
    MMM is a sturdy Typeface, the design is based on a old Soap-Powder advertisement. MMM is very useful for headings and/or logotypes. André Toet his 17th Font Caps, Lowercase. With Numbers, Glyphs and the normal Punctuation. Use this Font well, it’s made with the greatest care. Concept/Art Direction: André Toet © 2017 - Design: André Toet / Jasper Terra

  23. AT Move Strano by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    STRANO Like the name indicates it’s a strange typeface. Just capitals (including punctuation marks and numbers), composed from early sketches for a corporate identity in 2005 by André Toet. The complete font was restyled and translated to a Monospaced version. It’s a quite versatile font: it can be used in a lot of different cases, not only in print but also in architecture and street furniture. Think about lettering on benches, bridges, buildings. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  24. AT Move Wolfszn by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    WOLFSZN Anniversary!

  25. AT Move Powerplay by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    POWERPLAY a monospace lowercase alphabet with a 3D twist. Designed by André Toet in 1976 (during his study at Central School of Art & Design, London, UK) and he redesigned this in 2011. The name Powerplay is based on the Battersea Power Station, London. The remarkable architecture of the building is also used as a decor for films and for one of the covers by Pink Floyd (Animals, the flying pig). Concept/Art Direction/ Design: André Toet © 2017

  26. AT Move Bulky by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    BULKY is the 19th Font of André Toet. It’s Unusual, it’s Heavy, it’s Irregular, it’s Rough, it’s Stripy, it’s Angular, it’s BULKY. But it has character and extremely useful for headings, posters and even logotypes. Just-Use-It! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  27. AT Move Straw by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    STRAW The inspiration for this capital alphabet came from those beautiful haystacks you see in summer and the old fashioned Mikado game! We wanted to create a light, fragile and airy typeface with an optical effect. And here it is ... it’s just STRAW ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  28. Moving Headlines JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    For decades, visitors to Times Square could look up and read the up-to-the-minute news flashes that moved across a giant electric sign on the face of the old New York Times Building (now known simply as One Times Square).

  29. AT Move Altera by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    ALTERA a typeface based on a logotype André Toet made for a dutch broadcast company. This typeface is in fact carries a transformation in itself: it’s composed of three different weights and shapes. In our humble opinion the possibilities are endless ! So be a sport and use this typeface for logo’s and headings. Kick the can ! Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  30. AT Move Frutta by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    FRUTTA (Fruit) is a new typeface made with the ever expanding food industry in mind. But don’t let that deter you from using our font on the cover of the forthcoming cd of the Black Keys or Beady Eye or Damon Albarn or Paul Weller or Daft Punk or Whatever... Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  31. AT Move Bombola by André Toet Design 125.00 USD
    BOMBOLA is actually based on the shape of containers used by the Italians in remote areas. Furthermore the shape of BOMBOLA will be the base for a forthcoming designprogramme in the field of Furniture, Textiles and more. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  32. Moving Message JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    A vintage printer's cut for the masthead of the "Fed-O-Gram" (a monthly publication of the Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.) had its title set in letters that emulated a moving message board. This design formed the basis for what is Moving Message JNL.

  33. AT Move Tremelo by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    TREMELO a typeface based on a logotype (Microtel). We designed it as a complete capital alphabet. The original idea for the logotype font came from the products the firm produced. They provided the parts that go into hearing-aids. We thought the type should have some visual tremor in it. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

  34. AT Move Specx by André Toet Design 39.95 USD
    SPECX This is my #11/12 Font a slabserif typeface. In fact it’s a very, very basic and extreme strong typeface! We gave this new Font a special touch by adding an extra family-member: a stencil-version of the SPECX. My inspiration for the SPECX is based on the cover of a 1955 French School-Notebook. Concept/Art Direction/Design: André Toet © 2017

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