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  1. Holywood - Unknown license
  2. Hollywood Hills - Unknown license
  3. Hollywood X - Unknown license
  4. Hollywood 69 by Fonts of Chaos, 10.00 USD
    This is not Hollywood. You may be surprised but I am not inspired by the famous Hollywood sign for this type but a grid on a roof of Barcelona. I walked down the street observing the architecture of buildings in the area of the Marina when I saw a grid on a roof. One of the workers put a board on them and the magic happen.Hollywood 69 is now free with 99 !
  5. Hollywood Hills by Studio K, 45.00 USD
    Inspired by that iconic sign in the Hollywood Hills, this font is a must for film buffs, movie lovers and designers who want to bring a bit of big screen glamour to their projects. It’s a caps only face, but by using the upper and lower case keys type can be set above or below the base line, thus creating the signature stagger effect. See also Jazz Age and Tea Dance by Studio K
  6. Hollywood MF by Masterfont, 59.00 USD
    Hollywood MF was designed by Daniel Levy and published by Masterfont. Hollywood MF contains 1 style.
  7. Loreen Hollywood by Otto Maurer, 19.00 USD
    Loreen Hollywood was designed by Otto Maurer and published by Otto Maurer. Loreen Hollywood contains 17 styles and family package options.
  8. Movie Poster - Unknown license
  9. Movie Star - Unknown license
  10. Movie Poster - Unknown license
  11. Movie Poster - Unknown license
  12. B-Movie by T-26, 29.00 USD
    B-Movie was designed by Jorge Alderete and published by T-26. B-Movie contains 1 style.
  13. Movie Script by Wiescher Design, 39.50 USD
    Movie Script is the script that was used in German movie-brochures. Those were small four page leaflets with a lot of sepia-colored pictures about the movie one was about to see.
  14. Moby - Unknown license
  15. Moby - Unknown license
  16. Moxie by Canada Type, 29.95 USD
    Moxie is geometry gone dark and funny. Comes with 4 different styles, including a charming stencil and a very outspoken unicase. Ideal for posters, postcards, and display lettering-only designs.
  17. Moki by FaceType, 25.00 USD
    The seven ways of Moki. Moki comes in seven different styles: Base, Cut, Dust, Lean, Mono, Soft and Uni. Moki is a display expert – with a wide range of languages covered, the family offers a style for every purpose. You are a SciFi movie director and are looking for an alternative to the inevitable Eurostile? Now you have!
  18. Moris by Katatrad, 29.00 USD
    Moris™ is a family of modern sans serif typeface with simple and condensed proportions. Moris is recommended for publication, screen and Corporate use. This new font family includes nine weights with true italics, numeric tabular function and Opentype features.
  19. Mories by MlkWsn, 15.00 USD
    Mories is an elegant display serif with unique letter shapes to complete any designs, especially in fashion, branding, and for logos.
  20. JollyGood Serif by Pixilate, 16.00 USD
    JollyGood Serif is another member of the JollyGood family. This is a hand drawn serif/typewriter font that can work both for comics or as a display face . It is a complete complete family with 4 weights in regular and italic (8 fonts in total). It has an amazing character set, with support for most latin languages, as well as extra characters and ligatures.
  21. JollyGood Sans by Pixilate, 19.00 USD
    Finally, a serious alternative to that other comic font.
  22. JollyGood Proper by Pixilate, 18.00 USD
    JollyGood Proper is a fun, friendly typeface that is clean enough to use for longer texts. It is a complete family with 7 weights in regular and italic for a total of 16 fonts. It has an amazing character set, with support for most European languages, as well as alternates and ligatures.
  23. Hollywood Deco SG by Spiece Graphics, 39.00 USD
    This is yet another Willard T. Sniffin deco-inspired original. Created for the American Type Foundry, Hollywood Deco remains a classic that is still as contemporary today as when it first appeared in 1932.
  24. Hollywood Revue JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    Hollywood Revue JNL gets its design inspiration and name from a vintage movie poster for "The Hollywood Revue of 1929". The letter style shows early Art Deco influences, yet the hand lettering was done in the late 1920s toward the end of the Art Nouveau period.
  25. SF Movie Poster - Unknown license
  26. SF Movie Poster - Unknown license
  27. KR Movie Time - Unknown license
  28. Movie Poster Condensed - Unknown license
  29. SF Movie Poster - Unknown license
  30. Movie Poster Condensed - Unknown license
  31. Movie Poster Condensed - Unknown license
  32. SF Movie Poster - Unknown license
  33. B-Movie Retro by Die Typonauten, 19.00 USD
    B-Movie Retro was designed by Stefan Krömer and published by Die Typonauten. B-Movie Retro contains 4 styles and family package options.
  34. B-Movie Splatter by Die Typonauten, 19.00 USD
    B-Movie Splatter was designed by Stefan Krömer and published by Die Typonauten. B-Movie Splatter contains 4 styles and family package options.
  35. LD Horror Movie by Illustration Ink, 3.00 USD
    LD Horror Movie was published by Illustration Ink. LD Horror Movie contains 1 style.
  36. Movie Night JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    Movie Night JNL was modeled from one of a number of ceramic home movie titling kits on the market that were popular during the 1950s and 1960s. The camera buff would set up the letters against a colored background and photograph clever titles to describe their 8mm home movies of vacations, sightseeing or their darling children (or grandchildren).
  37. Movie House JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    Double Feature JNL reworks the classic Huxley Vertical into an elegant trilinear Art Deco display face.
  38. Monster Movies JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    A 1967 ad for Aurora “Monster Scenes Custom Builder Kits” featured the drippy, gooey hand lettering long associated with science fiction and horror movies.
  39. Home Movies JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    A set of cling vinyl letters and numbers for titling home movies or slides is the basis for Home Movies JNL. The set was made by the Clingtite Letters Company of Chicago and retailed for $2.95. It was advertised in many photographic publications of the 1950s.
  40. Movie Screen JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    The hand lettered opening titles from the 1944 Laurel and Hardy comedy “The Big Noise” served as the inspiration for Movie Screen JNL, which is available in both regular and oblique versions.
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