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  1. PT Banana Split - Unknown license
  2. Split splat splodge - Unknown license
  3. Bananas by Canada Type, 30.00 USD
    In the history of 20th century graphic arts, the evolution of the informal sans serif has been a uniquely American phenomenon. The ongoing saga of this (still as popular as ever) sub-genre dates back to the maturity of the Industrial Age and early Hollywood film titling, runs through the prosperous times of interwar print publications, sees mass flourishing during the various media propagations of the film type era, and solidifies itself as arguably the most common design element in the latter years of the century. Fun, bouncy, playful, and highly exciting, the casual sans serif is now all over game packaging, film and animation titles, book covers, food boxes, concert posters, and pretty much everywhere design aims to induce excitement about a product or an event. The casual sans is the natural high pill of typesetting.We figured it was high time for the casual sans to adapt to 21st century technology, gain more versatility, and become as much fun to use as the emotions it triggers. So we’re quite excited to issue Bananas, a fun sans serif family in 6 weights and 3 widths that can be used anywhere your designer’s imagination can take you.Rather than being based on a single design, Bananas was sourced from multiple American film era faces, all from 1950s and 1960s, when the casual sans genre was at its popular peak. Headliners’ Catalina and its very similar cousin, Letter Graphics’ Carmel, served as initial study points. Then a few Dave West designs informed the design development and weighting process, before narrow and wide takes were sketched out and included in the family. The entire development process happened in a highly precise interpolative environment. All Bananas fonts come with a full glyph complement supporting the majority of Latin languages, as well as five sets of figures, automatic fractions, quite a few ligatures, biform/unicase shapes and other stylistic alternates.
  4. Banana by Dharma Type, 19.99 USD
    This font is a modern urban script.Very impressive because of its heavy and rounded shape. Upright stems and wide width of their shape gives easy and slow impression.
  5. Splats - Unknown license
  6. splat - Unknown license
  7. Split Enzymes - Unknown license
  8. Split On by Ronin Design, 12.00 USD
    Split On is a typeface font has a sliced ​​design with a cut line effect, this font have a different line between uppercase and lowercase, perfect for poster, cover, t-shirt and many more
  9. Banan by Arabetics, 39.00 USD
    An isolated letters display typeface design which emphasizes the vertical stems and has an overall Arabian tales and oriental look and feel. All letters start with a prominent vertical stem shaped as pirate sword and ends in very narrow stroke. Banan font family has two members, regular and left-slanted italic styles. This font family design follows the guidelines of Mutamathil Taqlidi type style with one glyph for every basic Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined in the latest Unicode Standards, and one additional final form glyph, for the freely-connecting letters in traditional Arabic cursive text. Banan employs variable x-height values. It includes only the Lam-Alif ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks, harakat, are selectively positioned. Most of them appear by default on the same level, following a letter, to ensure that they would not interfere visually with letters. Tatweel is a zero-width glyph. Keying the tatweel key before Alif-Lam-Lam-Ha will display the Allah ligature. Banan includes both Arabic and Arabic-Indic numerals, in addition to standard punctuations.
  10. Chiquita Banana - Unknown license
  11. Republica Banana by Hanoded, 15.00 USD
    At home we love bananas: the kids take them to school for ‘snack time’, they’re healthy and they look pretty as well!Republica Banana is a pun on the term Banana Republic, which was coined by American author O. Henry in 1901. In economics, a Banana Republic is a country that is run as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive profit of the ruling class. Of course I can point out a few countries that fit this description, but let’s not get into that.
  12. Banana Juice by Almarkha Type, 19.00 USD
    Banana Juice is a cute & playful font that will make your designs look modern, unique and fun.It’s perfect for labels, quotes, posters, DIY projects, branding, packaging, greeting cards, websites, photos, photography overlays, signs, window art, scrapbooking, tags and so much more!
  13. Banana Yeti by Zetafonts, 29.00 USD
    Banana Yeti is a brush script typeface with a condensed vertical slant, inspired by a handmade sample drawn by the calligrapher Ross Frederic George and depicted in Speedball 1947 Textbook Manual.Banana Yeti has a vintage brush script look, perfect for food packaging, display and logo design and period advertising.
  14. Top Banana by Throndsen, 10.00 USD
    Top Banana was published by Throndsen. Top Banana contains 1 style.
  15. Katana - Personal use only
  16. kankana - Unknown license
  17. Panama - Unknown license
  18. Banyan by Haiku Monkey, 10.00 USD
    Banyan utilizes dramatic brush strokes to create a paradoxically strong yet delicate face.
  19. Handana by Ingrimayne Type, 9.95 USD
    Handana is an informal cursive or script face in which the letters look hand drawn. . The family has two weights, plain and bold.
  20. Katana by Indian Type Foundry, 50.00 USD
    Katana is 21st-century script typeface that thrives with energy. Its stylised letterforms feature a strong slant: about 40°, or more than twice the amount of slant found in a typical italic font. Katana’s angularity expresses an aura that combines the small refined details of calligraphy with the vibrancy of large-format graffiti lettering. Unusual for a script typeface, Katana has multiple weights available; there are five in the family, and they range from Light through Bold. As one shuffles from each weight to the next, the level of stroke contrast increases. While Katana’s Light weight is monolinear, the Bold weight has extremely hight contrast between its thick and thin strokes, which dials up the font’s dynamic-feeling even more. The heavier weights clearly look like their letterforms have been written with broad pens or brushes, and the heaviest font looks like a techno-style design crossed with the work of a traditional sign-painter. Each member of the Katana family has lining figures as its font’s default numeral style, but there are also oldstyle figures available through an OpenType feature. Plus, each font includes about 26 alternate glyphs, substituted into the text whenever the ‘contextual alternates’ feature is active. Katana is a great addition to an editorial designer’s toolkit. It comes from Parimal Parmar, a designer in Ahmedabad/India.
  21. Lavana by Nirmalagraphics, 12.00 USD
    Lavana is made with a style brush. If you like natural fonts in a bold and handwriting style, you must have it. You can use Lavana for any needs, can be for logos, flyers, magazines, clothes, business card brochures and others.
  22. Jabana by TypeMates, 22.00 USD
    Inspired by having a ’Schorle’ in Hamburg’s coffee bars, Jabana’s smooth handwritten marker curves come in 20 styles across 5 widths: from the super-compressed to the extended.
  23. Kanaya by Putracetol, 14.00 USD
    Kanaya is a beautiful modern script font. Kanaya has a very beautiful alternate character, and has modern, elegant and luxurious swashes in each lowercase character.
  24. Canapa by Serebryakov, 29.00 USD
    Canapa it a simple humanistic sans serif font family. Canapa's 10 styles are good for friendly oriented package design layouts. Try!
  25. Panama by Din Studio, 25.00 USD
    Panama is a modern handwritten font. It will make your design project more powerful and beautiful. The font is suitable for any project such as logos, branding and quotes.. Enjoy the Font!Features:Accents (Multilingual characters)PUA encodedNumerals and Punctuation (OpenType Standard)Thanks for visiting and purchasing my font! 
  26. Badona by gravitart, 29.95 USD
    Badona is a custom typeface which is applicable for web, print especially for magazines, brochures, posters, flyers and motion graphics.
  27. Habana by Vladislav Ivanov, 15.00 USD
    This font opens a new era of typewriting and type design.
  28. Qatana by Ixipcalli, 100.00 USD
    Qatana was published by Ixipcalli. Qatana contains 6 styles and family package options.
  29. Balance by Victory Type, 12.00 USD
    The three typefaces that make up the Balance font set are legible, funky and stylish. Every character has been spaced and designed on a uniform geometric grid to insure true typographic "balance." There are only two shapes that make up every character: a parallelogram and a quarter circle. This design renders Balance a distinct family of fonts which are appropriate for all documents.
  30. FS Split Serif by Fontsmith, 80.00 USD
    FS Split is a contrasting typeface.An in-vogue but unpolished, distinctive andeclectic design. The fresh, modern sans andserif type families can bring so much varietyto everything from magazines and packaging,to websites and branding. The conflictingyet harmonising nature of sans and serif givedesigners the tools they need to be both boldand subtle, eclectic and ordinary, contemporaryand classic.
  31. FS Split Sans by Fontsmith, 80.00 USD
    FS Split is a contrasting typeface. An in-vogue but unpolished, distinctive and eclectic design. The fresh, modern sans and serif type families can bring so much variety to everything from magazines and packaging, to websites and branding. The conflicting yet harmonising nature of sans and serif give designers the tools they need to be both bold and subtle, eclectic and ordinary, contemporary and classic. 
  32. Oldie Splat - Unknown license
  33. Insigne Splats! by insigne, 14.99 USD
    Insigne Splats! is a series of vectorized ink splatters that can be quickly and easily used in your artwork.
  34. Banana and Sun by Justyna Sokolowska, 10.00 USD
    Banana and Sun is light handwritten font. It’s very suitable for the fashion industry and culinary. This font is crazy but readable, so it can be used for large amounts of text.
  35. EF BANANA Strip by Elsner+Flake, 35.00 USD
    EF BANANA Strip was designed by Martin Kitz and published by Elsner+Flake. EF BANANA Strip contains 1 style.
  36. Spitting Image by preussTYPE, 25.00 USD
    SpittingImage is a font which speaks of mechanical exactness, cool and reserved. The SpittingImage font family is formed by two different weights (regular and bold), each one with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and diacritic characters in regular and italic. The outline version included as a part of OpenType-Feature. There are in all styles numerous ligatures, alternate characters, small caps, and different sets of numbers that you can put both headlines and short texts without any problems.
  37. Yanna by Intellecta Design, 17.90 USD
    Note: Only the regular style in this font family is currently available due the complexity and the resulting memory and performance issues associated with the other styles.
  38. Banja by Typogama, 19.00 USD
    Banja is a single weight, non connecting script typeface filled with vitality. Designed for branding and editorial design, this dynamic style is filled with a selection of swash letters and ligatures to add even more variety and choice for layouts. Banja includes a full extended latin character set that covers most european languages including Turkish, Icelandic or Polish.
  39. Janna by Linotype, 149.00 USD
    Janna was designed by Nadine Chahine and published by Linotype. Janna contains 2 styles and family package options.
  40. Alana by Laura Worthington, 19.00 USD
    Alana is a connected script that glows with casual elegance. Its inviting letterforms work well in settings such as letter-writing and menu details; even at small sizes. Set at display sizes, Alana’s strokes reveal rough edges evocative of ink on textured paper. Alana includes over 300 alternates, including swash capitals and ornamented forms to customize titles, headlines, packaging, and wordmarks. Alana includes 62 matching ornaments: botanical fleurons, birds, and cute lil’ bugs.
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