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  1. Bauhau by T-26, 19.00 USD
    Bauhau was designed by Michael Parson and published by T-26. Bauhau contains 6 styles and family package options.
  2. Baubau - Unknown license
  3. Brauhaus by MADType, 21.00 USD
    I enjoy and am inspired by many blackletter designs, but find that their uppercase characters are generally too complex to be very usable. I also found that very few, if any were designed with perfect 45 degree angles. I set out to design a textura blackletter with unique features and a usable uppercase. What resulted is an interesting, yet usable, geometric design with unusual features that make it stand out from existing texturas.
  4. Blauhaus by Hanoded, 15.00 USD
    Yes, you're right. Blauhaus should have been 'Blaues Haus', as that is the proper way of saying Blue House in German. But hey, Blauhaus sounds much better and in writing, it is quite similar to Bauhaus.Blauhaus is a stylish, rounded sans serif font, modeled after some early 20th century German typefaces. It is easy on the eye and it will certainly give your work a sophisticated punch. Comes with a classy collection of diacritics.
  5. BAUHANS by driemeyerdesign, 19.95 USD
    BAUHANS is a upper case typeface family which comes in 2 styles. The geometrical design gives it a distinct architectural style.
  6. Bauhaus Sketch - Unknown license
  7. Bauhaus Arabic by Naghi Naghachian, 112.00 USD
    Bauhaus is celebrating its centenary in this year. For the Bauhaus's 100th anniversary year, art and design museums and galleries around the world are hosting exhibitions and events. The publication of „Bauhaus Arabic“ font family is my contribution to celebrate this event.
  8. P22 Bauhaus by P22 Type Foundry, 24.95 USD
    P22 Bauhaus Extras is one of the fonts that make up the P22 Bauhaus Set.
  9. Bauhaus Bugler by Breauhare, 35.00 USD
    Bauhaus Bugler’s design never appeared in Harry Warren’s 6th grade class newsletter The Broadwater Bugler but its design came about during that same period in 1975. Because of this, it has been officially designated an honorary Bugler font!
  10. ITC Bauhaus by ITC, 35.00 USD
    ITC Bauhaus was designed by Edward Benguiat and published by ITC. ITC Bauhaus contains 10 styles and family package options.
  11. ARB 93 Steel Moderne by The Fontry, 25.00 USD
    Want an authentic Western font? From way back when? For an old-timey feel? Heck, pardner, those ain't big old slab serifs yer lookin' at. Those are "bars", as in bars of steel. They might be a little rusty, though, having been around since 1939. That's when these branding-iron ready letterforms first graced the pages of ST Publications' SIGNS of the Times magazine. This was the 93rd type treatment by master sign painter, Alf R. Becker. And while he had hoped the sign guys would soften things up a bit by blunting the edges of all that steel, most have been left sharp and cut-ready. So watch your fingers! And watch also for the Narrowe version of Moderne Steel. It's been pre-condensed to avoid those embarrassing stretch marks that result from an improperly distorted layout. And of course we did go ahead and blunt the edges a bit, so you wouldn't hurt yourself. That's why this one Becker font family maxes out at 32 flavors. That's a lot of bolding and blunting and italicizing going on there!
  12. BauHouse - Unknown license
  13. Blahaus by T-26, 29.00 USD
    Blahaus was designed by Jason Pearson and published by T-26. Blahaus contains 1 style.
  14. Badehaus by Hanoded, 15.00 USD
    In the German city of Bad Neuenahr you can visit a spa called Thermal Badehaus. This beautiful art deco building has an even more beautiful art deco lettering covering its facade. I had to work with only a couple of glyphs ('Thermal Badehaus' to be exact) and tried to capture their beauty in the remaining glyphs. The result is a font called Badehaus (Bath House in German). It is a bold, all caps typeface, with some unique glyphs.
  15. Baghadeer by Stephen Rapp, 49.00 USD
    Baghadeer, from the hand of Stephen Rapp, is an upright connecting script brimming with personality. With its exuberant capitals, dashing crossover strokes, and rhythmic pulse; it retains the active spirit most associated with slanted scripts, but with the grounded presence of an upright.
  16. Wausau by Yellow Design Studio, 30.00 USD
    Wausau is a grungy, shadowed serif from Yellow Design Studio with a vintage letterpress feel. It’s worn and weathered and full of texture and charm. Each letter has 4 different distress options which can be mixed and matched for variety and realism. Features include double-letter ligatures to eliminate duplicate distressing in adjacent characters, a complete set of ornamental caps, and an extra set of vintage ornaments and flourishes.
  17. EmBauhaus by Emboss, 25.00 USD
    EmBauhaus is a display typeface, geometric in style, inspired by the face named after the world changing Bauhaus School. To aid readability I rethought the original typeface and closed all of the voids cut out of the strokes. We also modified the upper case to make it a more traditional design. An example of this is the upper case L, where a 90 degree angle was added.  This typeface was designed to be used judiciously in a layout, to draw focus to words and headlines, using stark angles, radii and geometry to create visual rhythm and gestalt.
  18. Bauhaus Bugler Soft by Breauhare, 35.00 USD
    Take Bauhaus Bugler, dip it in chocolate, and what do you get? Bauhaus Bugler Soft, of course! Or dip it in butter! You can achieve all sorts of yummy, appealing images with the softness of Bauhaus Bugler Soft, whether it be food, cosmetics, fabric softener, or any number of other fluffy things! Unlike its fellow Bugler fonts, Bauhaus Bugler Soft’s design never appeared in Harry Warren’s 6th grade class newsletter, The Broadwater Bugler, but its design came about during that same period in 1975. Because of this, it has been officially designated an honorary Bugler font! Its theme of broad curves that leap over and under conjure visions of fashion and high-end department stores with their dress boxes and shopping bags, plus hair products, cosmetics, couture, and other stylish personal merchandise of the highest caliber. Bauhaus Bugler Soft also has an art deco flavor, especially when all capitals are used. It comes with two alternate versions of the upper and lower Y to give users more freedom of choice. Put Bauhaus Bugler Soft in your “haus” today!
  19. Pivnaya-Latin by Roman Type, 28.99 USD
    ‘Пивная’ (Pivnaya) means ‘bar’ or ‘brewhouse’ in Russian. Pivnaya Latin is a display font published by Roman Type. Initially designed for a poster, the family quickly turned multi-script. In 2019, the global design community is busy celebrating the centennial of Bauhaus, silently triggering the question as to if or how the phenomenon matters in the lives we lead today, or whether it could rather be reduced to mere historic purposes. At that point, I found myself falling into the Bauhaus trap myself, preparing a typeface design workshop for a group of Lithuanian and Russian students. But by a typing error, I accidently made Google translate ‘Brauhaus’ (brewhouse) instead of ‘Bauhaus’. That is why I called this family ‘Pivnaya’ in the end.
  20. vastra by AdultHumanMale, 6.00 USD
    vastra is a slim, futuristic, bauhaus inspired typeface.
  21. Hausbau by FaceType, 8.00 USD
    Hausbau is a radical geometric font, inspired by the German Bauhaus.
  22. WerkHaus by The Northern Block, 12.80 USD
    A minimal san serif typeface inspired by the work of Herbert Bayer and the Bauhaus Movement.
  23. GoudyMedieval - Unknown license
  24. Side A by bb-bureau, 48.00 USD
    Side A – Bauhaus-inspiredExperimental and spiky type in 3 sizes (1 - 1/2 - 1/3), designed by Benoît Bodhuin
  25. Acid Haus by Eclectotype, 10.00 USD
    Acid Haus is a fat, geometric face inspired in equal measure by 1920s Bauhaus geometric design and 1980s rave culture.
  26. Magik - Unknown license
  27. MKorsair - 100% free
  28. PenPalOne1 - Unknown license
  29. Santini by Canada Type, 29.95 USD
    Santini began as an experiment in mixing historical art deco, art nouveau, arts and crafts, and to a lesser extent Bauhaus sources.
  30. Western - Unknown license
  31. Slant - Unknown license
  32. Verve - Unknown license
  33. MemphisDisplay - Unknown license
  34. CosmosCaps - Unknown license
  35. Lombardic - Unknown license
  36. CelticHand - Unknown license
  37. FATSOcaps - Unknown license
  38. Vivala - Unknown license
  39. BrightonBold - Unknown license
  40. Zirkle - Unknown license
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