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  1. Katie by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Katie was designed by Frank Lüdicke and published by URW Type Foundry. Katie contains 2 styles and family package options.

  2. Katy Land by Scoothtype 10.00 USD
    Katy Land Script is a modern handwritten font written in soft movements using a special pen, this font is perfect for logos, wedding invitations, T-shirts, product packaging, greeting cards, brands, blogs, branding, business cards,or whatever design you think. Can be used for various purposes.If you want to use it for your work, this font can be used easily and simply because there are many features in it to load a complete set of lowercase letters and include initial and terminal letters, alternatives, binders and many language support.Katy Land Script is coded with PUA Unicode, which allows full access to all additional characters without having special design software. Mac users can use Font Book, and Windows to attach your favorite text editor / application.To activate the OpenType Stylistic alternative, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions.There are additional ways to access alternatives / swashes, using Character Map (Windows), Nexus Fonts (Windows), Font Book (Mac) or software programs such as PopChar (for Windows and Mac).If you need help or advice, please contact me by email.Thank you.!

  3. Mati by Sudtipos 19.00 USD
    Father's Day, or June 17 of this year, is in the middle of Argentinian winter. And like people do on wintery Sunday mornings, I was bundled up in bed with too many covers, pillows and comforters. Feeling good and not thinking about anything in particular, Father's Day was nowhere in the vicinity of my mind. My eleven year old son, Matías, came into the room with a handmade present for me. Up to this point, my Father's Day gift history was nothing unusual. Books, socks, hand-painted wooden spoons, the kind of thing any father would expect from his pre-teen son. So you can understand when I say I was bracing myself to fake excitement at my son's present.

  4. Kato by Autographis 39.50 USD
    Kato is a handwritten mostly-joining script with long, but not overly long ascenders and descenders, that make it a very elegant font.

  5. Karty by Eurotypo 22.00 USD
    Karty is an outline freehand typeface that was inspired by John Baskerville’s designs.

  6. Tati by Wiescher Design 33.33 USD
    I only had this bouncy curve and a photograph of a daily menu (Truite Meunière) I took outside an obscure Paris restaurant when starting the design of this font. But while working on it I suddenly started thinking about Jacques Tati the famous but almost forgotten french director of Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, Jour des Fêtes, Mon Oncle, Playtime, Trafic etc.

  7. Kari by Positype 39.00 USD
    Kari is a complete redraw and expansion of the award-winning typeface originally released in 2005. Featuring both upright and ‘italic’ styles, this soft and curvy script is perfect for packaging, expressive headlines, and fun settings. Feature-rich and flexible, Kari is stocked full of alternate characters, swashes, titling options, expanded numeral sets, new dingbats, and a lot more… and for the first time, the much-requested ‘Medium’ weight is now available.

  8. Yaty by Mans Greback 59.00 USD
    Yaty is a relaxed and spontaneous script font.

  9. Katie Findlay Script by Cooldesignlab 13.00 USD
    Katie Findlay Script - a modern calligraphy font that is very skilfully and meticulously designed. It is suitable for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!Katie Findlay script includes a complete set of large international letters, numbers, punctuation and binders. All lowercase letters include the beginning and end strokes. Also, alternate uppercase uppercase letters and multilingual symbols. The script is coded with Unicode PUA, which allows full access to all additional characters without special design software.Mac users can use Letter Book, and Windows users can use Character Maps to view and copy additional characters to be included in your favorite text editor / application.Thank you and have a nice day.

  10. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  11. FF Kath by FontFont 39.00 USD
    American type designer Paul H. Neville created this display FontFont in 1992.

  12. Kari Pro by Positype 45.00 USD
    I have always enjoyed this typeface and have had fond memories from the time I originally drew its predecessor, Kari. Now with almost 100 new ligatures, alternate and swash characters, Kari Pro has a great deal more personality and versatility. Subsets from the original Kari have been integrated into each unified weight adding both lining and hanging (oldstyle) numerals as options as well.

  13. Kari Display by Positype 19.00 USD
    Kari Display is the product of a long standing idea I had to give the well-received Positype typeface, Kari, plastic surgery. Just referring to giving a typeface plastic surgery, or letter lipo, stuck in the back of my head until I was able to pick the project up.

  14. Katty Signature by Dieza Design 15.00 USD
    Give your design the feel of authentic craft. "Katty Signature" is perfect for stationary, logos and more.

  15. Karty Solid by Eurotypo 22.00 USD
    Karty Solid is a freehand typeface that was inspired by John Baskerville’s designs.

  16. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.

  17. Shmulik Katz MF by Masterfont 59.00 USD
    Shmulik Katz MF was published by Masterfont. Shmulik Katz MF contains 1 style.

  18. Kate Greenaway's Alphabet by Wiescher Design 49.50 USD
    Some time ago I bought my smallest book ever: Kate Greenaway’s Alphabet* 57 x 72 mm. I thought it was the sweetest little book I had ever seen. Not knowing about the fame of the designer Kate Greenaway (1846-1901), I put it in some dark drawer and looked at it from time to time.

  19. Katz Pajamas JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    According to Wiktionary, "the cat's pajamas" was a slang phrase coined by Thomas A. Dorgan, the well-known journalist, cartoonist and sportswriter of that era.

  20. Nellie Kay NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, and it's easy to get into the swing of things with this bouncy little number, based on another offering by the irrepressible Ross George. Bright, bouncy and a little sassy, Nellie Kay will save the day, no matter what the occasion.

  21. M Kai PRC by Monotype HK 499.00 USD
    M Kai is a design inspired by the popular Kaiti developed in contemporary China.

  22. Fat Kitty Kat by Hanoded 20.00 USD
    Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorized during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat's glyphs are rather rough, but legible and fun to use. The font comes with extensive language support and a full range of alternates for the lower case letters.

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