this is Oregon Wet (as opposed to Oregon Dry) by Pat Snyder 1991 -- the only difference is outlining the font

True Philippe - as always :)

Fantazia made lots of quick and dirty variations on existing fonts by simply applying some scripts. Not very original but the font data are very different from the original and - thus - applying USA law - different a font. Or at least a different style - face - that did not exist yet.

Sure, again, not very original. But legal.

Have fun over there. I've given up.

I can't stand sites that need more than half a minute to show a simple page just because the picts are on an overloaded amazon server. Cheap solution, yes, but unusable.

Character Map
Character Map
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Basic Latin

Liquid Hollow

Unknown license
81 glyphs

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Copyright (c)1993 by Fantazia Concepts. Liquid Ho Regular:. Liquid Hollow. LiquidHo. Fantazia Fonts and Sounds

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