Ah, the 20th Century Font by Ray Larabie, a typeface that's as ambitious and forward-looking as its name suggests, yet marinated in the nostalgic vibes of the past century. Imagine a font that decided to hop into a time machine, set the dial to "mid-20th century," and then took a detour through the future on its way back. That's 20th Century Font for you; a delightful paradox in letter form.
Crafted by the prolific type designer, Ray Larabie, who is somewhat of a legend in the typography circles (the kind of legend who wears glasses and not capes), this font taps into the essence of the era's iconic typography and gives it a modern twist. It's like watching a sci-fi movie from the 1950s but in high definition. It merges geometric shapes with subtle curves, creating a sleek appearance that screams sophistication with a hint of retro charm. It’s as if the letters went to finishing school but couldn't quite shake their playful past.
Structurally, 20th Century Font stands tall and confident with characters that exude an unapologetic presence. Each letterform is meticulously designed to command attention while playing nicely in both digital and print landscapes. From logos that need to make a statement without shouting, to headlines that aim to grab you by the eyeballs, this font navigates the realms of versatility and style with the grace of a ballet dancer doing the moonwalk. And the numbers? Don't even get started on the numbers. They're like the cool, sophisticated cousin who knows how to make an entrance at a party.
In sum, 20th Century Font by Ray Larabie is a typographic time traveler, a blend of yesteryear's charm and tomorrow's vision. It's for the daring, the innovative, and those who appreciate a good nod to the past without living in it. Whether you're branding a spaceship or creating the next big retro-themed mobile game, this font has got you covered, in style.
Character map
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20th Century Font

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99 glyphs
Ray Larabie freeware www.goldenapplecomics.com/larabiefonts. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 20th Century Font. 20th Century Font. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 2/16/98. 20thCenturyFont
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