The font CMC7, designed by Harold Lohner, is an intriguing typeface that captures the essence of a very specialized domain of typography. It stands for "Character Magnetic Code 7," a reference to the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology used in banking and check processing. This font mimics the appearance of the characters printed in magnetic ink on bank checks and other financial documents, enabling automated sorting and processing by specialized bank machines.
Harold Lohner's interpretation of CMC7 brings this highly technical and specific font into the realm of graphic design and typography, making it accessible for a variety of creative and design-oriented applications. The font is characterized by its unique set of glyphs, each designed for maximum readability by both humans and machines. This involves a peculiar mix of angular and rounded shapes, with a distinctly mechanical and precise feel, reflecting its origins in the banking industry and the technological requirements of MICR.
In creating CMC7, Lohner has not only provided designers with a tool for invoking the aesthetic of financial documents and systems but has also preserved a piece of technological history within the typographic community. The font can serve a range of purposes, from creating realistic-looking mockups of checks and financial documents for film and television to adding a touch of the technocratic to branding, stationery, or any project that benefits from its unique blend of precision and functionality. Through CMC7, Harold Lohner offers a bridge between the utilitarian world of banking technology and the expressive domain of typography, imbuing this highly specialized typeface with new life and creative potential.
Character map
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Unknown license
90 glyphs
CMC7 font v2 created by Harold Lohner, 1998, and placed into the public domain by him. A recreation of an early magnetic‐ink font, designers unknown. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.3 CMC7. CMC7. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.3 8/12/98
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