Casual Tossed is a font that embodies a sense of laid-back ease and playful spontaneity. Reflective of its name, this typeface appears as though it has been carelessly thrown onto the canvas, yet still manages to exude charm and character. The design of Casual Tossed typifies a loose, hand-drawn aesthetic, making it feel personal and unpretentious. Each letterform seems to have been crafted with a light, joyful touch, offering a sense of whimsy and free-spiritedness.
The casual, almost script-like quality of the letters in Casual Tossed suggests movement and dynamism, as if the words themselves are dancing or lightly bouncing across the page. Despite its seemingly haphazard appearance, there is a sense of balance and readability maintained throughout. The letters are legible and spaced in such a way that they contribute to the overall relaxed vibe of the font.
Casual Tossed is perfect for projects that call for a touch of personality and informality. It can be particularly effective in designs aimed at younger audiences, creative projects, or any context where a sense of fun and light-heartedness is desired. It works beautifully for invitations, greeting cards, posters, and anywhere else a touch of human warmth and friendliness is needed. Despite its casual nature, this font carries a lot of character and can add a unique voice to various design projects.
Character map
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Casual Tossed

Unknown license
98 glyphs
© A.J. Palmer, 1997 / Casual Tossed. 1.0
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