Ah, COM (sRB) by sRB-Powers, a true enigma wrapped in a digital font file. Imagine if a group of pixels woke up one day, decided to become fonts, and then went on a wild, adventurous spree guided by sRB-Powers, their whimsical creator. This is not your standard, run-of-the-mill font; no, sir! COM (sRB), which could very well stand for "Curiously Outlandish Masterpiece" (or does the 'C' stand for "Crazy"? The world may never know), is a font that dances on the borderline of eccentricity and genius.
Crafted by the enigmatic sRB-Powers, a name shrouded in as much mystery and intrigue as the font itself, COM (sRB) is like the Batman of the typography world - nobody really knows its true origins, but when it shows up, it certainly makes a bold statement. It's the kind of font that doesn't just sit quietly on your document; it demands attention, possibly starts a lively conversation, and maybe even orders a pizza because, why not, it's that kind of font.
In the grand tapestry of typography, where serifs and sans-serifs coexist in harmonious balance, COM (sRB) comes in like a maverick. It doesn't just break the rules; it makes its own, playing around with forms, strokes, and structures in ways that might make traditionalists clutch their pearls. Yet, it’s this very rebellion that endears it to the hearts of designers looking for something that stands out in a sea of Times New Romans and Calibris.
Whether you're designing a flyer for the most happening underground music festival or creating a logo for a startup that wants to sell moon rocks, COM (sRB) is the font that whispers, "Let's make a statement," and then screams, "But in the most flamboyantly fabulous way possible!" So here’s to COM (sRB) by sRB-Powers - the font that probably wears sunglasses indoors and isn't sorry about it.
Character map
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Unknown license
85 glyphs
(c)2000, sRB-Powers --- http://saru.milkcafe.to/. COM (sRB). 1.01
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