Korneuburg Slab Regular, crafted by the talented designer flö rastbichler, beautifully marries the timeless essence of slab serif fonts with contemporary design nuances, creating a versatile and robust typeface. This font, named after the picturesque town of Korneuburg, not only captures the historic charm and architectural elegance of its namesake but also embraces modernity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
The distinct characteristic of Korneuburg Slab Regular is its balanced slab serifs, which are meticulously crafted to enhance readability while adding a sturdy, authoritative presence to any text. This makes the font an excellent choice for headlines, branding, and print design where clarity and impact are paramount. The serifs are designed to be substantial yet unobtrusive, providing a seamless reading experience even in dense blocks of text.
Beyond its structural beauty, Korneuburg Slab Regular encompasses a subtle playfulness in its letterforms that flö rastbichler has intricately woven into the design. The rounded corners and slight variations in stroke width inject a warm, humanistic quality, softening the overall appearance and making the font feel approachable and friendly. This blend of strength and warmth ensures that Korneuburg Slab Regular stands out not just as a functional typeface but as one that also conveys character and emotion, adaptable to both serious and lighthearted contexts.
In the realm of digital and print design, Korneuburg Slab Regular offers a fresh perspective on slab serif fonts, balancing classic sensibilities with modern flair. Its versatility and unique charm make it a valuable asset for designers seeking to imbue their projects with depth, readability, and a touch of personality.
Character map
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Korneuburg Slab Regular

Personal use only
188 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2012 by Flö Rastbichler. All rights reserved.. FlRastbichler: Korneuburg Slab Regular: 2012. KorneuburgSlabRegular. Version 11.001. Flö Rastbichler. www.elopedthought.com. Korneuburg Slab Regular
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