Ah, Cable by Phuxer Designs, the font that purportedly could tie the digital world together, or so it claimed, with a wink and a nudge. Imagine if a 1980s sci-fi movie and a contemporary digital art exhibit had a baby. That baby would invariably be named Cable. Crafted by the enigmatic Phuxer Designs – a name that sounds like it belongs to a futuristic fixer who moonlights as a cyberpunk DJ – this font straddles the line between retro nostalgia and cutting-edge design.
Cable doesn't just whisper its presence in your design project; it hacks into the mainframe of your attention and demands to be noticed. Its letters have a certain charisma, infused with the spirit of neon-lit alleyways and the promise of adventures in digital landscapes yet to be explored. Each character stands as a monument to the rebellious flair of its creators, daring you to use it in the most mundane of contexts, just to see if it can make even tax forms look cool (spoiler: it nearly can).
At its heart, Cable is versatile, yet it refuses to blend into the background like a shy pixel in a bustling graphic. Whether you're branding a cutting-edge tech startup or creating the title sequence for an indie game that pays homage to the arcade classics, Cable is your go-to accomplice. It brings a touch of rebellion, a dash of the future, and a whole lot of personality. The only risk? Your project might end up being cooler than you are. But hey, that's a chance we're all willing to take in the name of great design.
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52 glyphs
Cable © (By Carlos Matteoli). 2011. All Rights Reserved. Cable:Version 1.00. Cable. Version 1.00 September 18, 2011, initial release. Carlos Matteoli. This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from High-Logic.com. www.phuxerdesigns.com.ar. By downloading this font, Not buying the license, only the use of it. For any modification or rights information, consult: carlosmatteoli@gmail.com Thank you very much.. https://www.safecreative.org/work/1109180087913
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