"Modern Vision" by Yautja is a sleek and contemporary font that encapsulates the essence of futuristic design while retaining a clear nod to the minimalism and functionality of modern typography. This typeface, crafted with a keen eye on innovation and usability, stands out for its clean lines and uncluttered appearance, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications, from digital interfaces to print media.
The design of Modern Vision is characterized by its geometric shapes and sharp angles, which contribute to its forward-looking aesthetic. Despite its seemingly simple structure, the font incorporates subtle details that add depth and character, ensuring that it maintains a unique identity. The uniform thickness of the strokes across different characters provides a cohesive and balanced look, enhancing its readability and versatility.
Yautja has excellently balanced the space within and between letters, allowing for optimal legibility in both large displays and compact text blocks. This attention to spacing prevents the typeface from feeling cramped or overly spacious, enabling designers to use it across various mediums with confidence. Each letter and symbol in Modern Vision has been meticulously designed to ensure that it not only stands alone with a strong presence but also works harmoniously within words and sentences, contributing to a seamless reading experience.
Modern Vision's futuristic flair does not detract from its practicality. It embodies a rare blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it suitable for brands and projects aiming to convey a sense of innovation, precision, and elegance. From tech startups to design studios, and from online platforms to printed catalogs, this font offers a versatile typographic solution that aligns well with the values and visuals of contemporary, forward-thinking entities.
Character map
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Modern Vision

Personal use only
164 glyphs
Copyright V. Sarela 2011. Modern Vision. Modern Vision Regular. Version 1.0. ModernVision. FontStruct is a trademark of FontStruct.com. https://fontstruct.com. V. Sarela. “Modern Vision” was built with FontStruct Designer description: <p>Based on a typeface which was used in the opening credits of The Terminator, The Running Man, Class of 1999, and also used on Robert A. Heinlein's book covers (there's a font called Heinlein which is similar). I've been looking for the original for a long time but haven't found it, so I recreated it myself. (Edit: apparently it's called Bessellen)</p> <p>Now updated to be closer to the original, plus added kerning.</p> . https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/477683/modern_vision. https://fontstruct.com/fontstructors/show/464661/yautja. Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/. Five big quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed. Bg4Pc1Fn
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