The "Nothing You Could Do" font, meticulously designed by Kimberly Geswein, manages to encapsulate a warmth and intimacy rarely found in typeface design. Its hand-drawn aesthetic gives it a personal touch that seems to speak directly from the heart of the creator to the user. This font is characterized by its loose, flowing handwriting style that maintains clarity and legibility, despite its casual appearance. It embodies a personal, approachable vibe that is versatile for various applications, from heartfelt personal letters to playful professional presentations.
Each letter in the "Nothing You Could Do" font appears uniquely crafted, suggesting a sense of spontaneity and individual expression. The slight variations in stroke width, combined with the occasional connecting lines between letters, mimic natural handwriting, making this font genuinely inviting. Its charm lies not only in its appearance but also in the feeling it evokes — one of warmth, friendliness, and authenticity.
Moreover, Kimberly Geswein’s ability to balance casualness with a professional edge allows this font to transcend typical handwritten fonts. "Nothing You Could Do" can seamlessly integrate into graphic designs, branding materials, and even educational resources, providing a touch of personality and authenticity often missing from more conventional typefaces. It’s this blend of casual elegance and heartfelt design that makes "Nothing You Could Do" a go-to font for designers looking to convey genuineness and warmth.
Character map
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Nothing You Could Do

Personal use only
308 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2010, Kimberly Geswein ( KimberlyGeswein: Nothing You Could Do: 2010. Nothing You Could Do. Version 1.004 2010. NothingYouCouldDo. Kimberly Geswein. Copyright (c) 2010, Kimberly Geswein ( Free for personal use. Please donate for commercial use- send a one-time US$5 payment to
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